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The Gospel Coalition’s Going Deeper with TGC has two goals: (1) to follow up on the most widely read, controversial, helpful, insightful resources produced by our council members, writers, editors, and bloggers; (2) to serve you by using a different medium, audio, to provide the same quality of gospel-centered content we publish in blogs, essays, and reviews. Co-hosted by Collin Hansen (editorial director of TGC) and Mark Mellinger (news anchor of WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, IN).

Authors on the Line connects listeners to today’s best Christian writing. The podcast explores significant theological themes and relevant current events with the authors of important Christian books. Produced by Desiring God, hosted by Tony Reinke, author of Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books.

Theology Refresh is a podcast for Christian leaders hosted by David Mathis, executive editor for John Piper and Desiring God. The podcast aims to refresh and sharpen spiritual leaders on key aspects of Christian theology for application to everyday ministry.

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2 thoughts on “Three New Podcasts Worth Listening To”

  1. Even though my own podcast didn’t make the list [*cough* Discovering Grace *cough*] I’m always excited to learn about others. I’ll admit, I’m an addict being subscribed now to 46–now 49–podcasts.

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