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I am very thankful for my colleagues at Crossway who serve the church with their remarkable gifting in design and technology. They’ve just released the latest (beta) version of the

You can read about some of the features here, including mobile compatibility.

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11 thoughts on “The New”

  1. david carlson says:

    meh, second rate compared to

  2. I have spent a little time seeking to find the download for the new version. I am an existing user of the ESV Online Study Bible and can find absolutely nothing about downloading a beta version. There is nothing at the bottom of any page. Mike Howard

    1. Ted says:


      Sorry for the confusion, you don’t have to download anything in order to visit Instead, head straight to and click login in the top right.

      Once logged into, look for the Crossway logo in the bottom left. Once you’ve found it, the “Try the New Site” link should be just to the right.

      Please let me know if I can be of any further help—thanks!

      Ted Cockle
      Marketing Coordinator, Crossway

      1. Chad Davis says:


        The screen capture posted above has all sorts of features visible – including an interlinear. Are those things that have to be purchased? When I go to the beta site, it is just the basic text with reference notes and nothing else. Is the other stuff “extra”?

        1. Ted says:


          Great question! The additional columns are activated from the apps tab. Click the cloud icon to reveal additional resources—some are free, others are paid.

          I hope this helps. Please let me know if you any additional questions.



  3. Seth Fuller says:

    Thanks. I use all the time. Loving the new version.

  4. Richard says:

    Does “beta version” just mean a second one, or am I showing woeful ignorance? Will the “old version” continue to be available? Sure hope so – I like it, and am used to it. Too many bells and whistles tend to confuse me. As Winnie the Pooh says, “I’m just a bear of very little brain.” :-)

    1. Ted says:

      A site in “beta,” is live for the public to use, but is also, at the same time, still under development. The goal of a beta release is to give users a chance to try out the new site and offer feedback. While the new site remains in beta, the old site will remain available. That said, I think you’ll find the new site to be more streamlined and less complicated. We look forward to hearing what you think!

      -Ted, Crossway

  5. Joshua Waulk says:

    Is there any chance that Crossway will ever expand this resource to include their commentaries, etc? I have yet to purchase a Logos/Accordance product because I’m very picky about the resources I use, and I simply have no interest in many of the resources they make you buy. I enjoy Crossway’s services and would love to see them grow this product’s capabilities. My two cents…

    1. Ted says:


      Thanks for your encouragement and your question. While we’ve looked into creating something like that in the future, it is still largely uncertain—therefore, there is no timetable I can offer you. That said, I’ll forward your suggestion up the chain!

      -Ted, Crossway

  6. Jason Estopinal says:

    @david carlson

    hello brother!!

    i appreciate wallace’s work immensely, but im a ‘lil overrated when i peruse the site, maybe cause i dont what to look for… might you tell me what you like about that bible/site? gospel coalition is usually my resource for finding and understanding good resources, like net bible, but alas, i know they have a vested interest (im not saying its bad)…

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