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Zondervan Academic will be livestreaming the plenary sessions from this year’s Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in Milwaukee. The theme is “Caring for Creation.”

You can see the speakers, their topics, and their times below. All times are Central.


1:50-2:40 PM

E. Calvin Beisner, “Creation Care and Godly Dominion: The Search for a Genuinely Biblical Earth Stewardship”

7:30-8:20 PM

Russell Moore, “Heaven and Nature Sing: How Evangelical Theology Can Inform the Task of Environmental Protection, and Vice-Versa”


1:50 PM-2:40 PM

Richard Bauckham, “Reading the Bible in the Context of the Ecological Threats of our Time”


9:10 AM-10:00 AM

Douglas Moo, “Biblical Theology and Creation Care”

10:10 AM-11:40 AM

Panel Discussion: Beisner, Moore, Bauckhaum, Moo

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