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Tim Keller’s new book is entitled Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work, and Westminster Books is offering a 70% off discount for one week.

Here is the closing paragraph of the introduction—which you can read online for free—Keller sets forth a brief overview of where he is going in this book:

In order to work in this way— to get the consolation and freedom that Tolkien received from his Christian faith for his work— you need to know the Bible’s answers to three questions:

  1. Why do you want to work? (That is, why do we need to work in order to lead a fulfilled life?)
  2. Why is it so hard to work? (That is, why is it so often fruitless, pointless, and difficult?)
  3. How can we overcome the difficulties and find satisfaction in our work through the gospel?

The rest of this book will seek to answer those three questions in its three sections, respectively.


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3 thoughts on “70% Off Tim Keller’s New Book on Work and Vocation”

  1. mark mcculley says:

    Mencken: We cling to work in a muddled physiological sort of way — or, perhaps more accurately, in a pathological way — and even try to fill it with gaudy hocus-pocus.

    All men who, in any true sense, are sentient strive mightily for distinction and power, i.e., for the respect and envy of their fellows. Though the central mystery remains, it is possible, perhaps, to investigate the superficial symptoms. I offer myself as a laboratory animal. Why have I worked so hard for thirty years, desperately striving to accomplish something that remains impenetrable to me to this day? Is it because I desire money? Bosh! I can’t recall ever desiring it for an instant: I have always found it easy to get all I wanted. Is it, then, notoriety that I am after? Again the answer must be no. The attention of strangers is unpleasant to me, and I avoid it as mush as possible. Then is it yearning to Do Good that moves me? Bosh and blah! If I am convinced of anything, it is that Doing Good is in bad taste. . .I work a great deal, but working is more agreeable to me than anything else I can imagine.

  2. JR says:

    I went to WTS Bookstore and Keller’s book is 48% off today. Maybe the sale was for a shorter time?

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      If you add it to your cart the first copy will automatically be discounted at 70%. Enjoy!

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