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This is moving for me, since I have been benefiting from the Desiring God website since its beginning in the mid 90s. But there is also a lesson here about the way God loves to work to make things like this happen.

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14 thoughts on “Have You Thanked God Today for Moe Bergeron?”

  1. I have been blessed to be able do so for many years. Thanks for posting this Justin.

  2. In 2001, I was wrestling through the doctrinal heresy of Open Theism. John Piper’s sermons were the single greatest source of instruction and warning against that false belief. As a college student in 2001, with little money, I would have had not have been able to benefit from those messages without their free access.

    Only today did I learn that Moe Bergeron played the leading part in making those sermons available and free.

    I bless God for Moe Bergeron, his audacious dream, and the way he amplified the God-exalting ministry of John Piper.

    Weeping with gratitude, dss

  3. Wow. I remember sitting in a computer lab at the University of Northern Iowa, downloading/printing sermons off of “Piper’s Notes.”

    I’m very, very thankful for that free resource. Instrumental in shaping me…and therefore, anyone shaped by me since.

  4. It was when the ministry may have looked its most fruitless that the Lord was working to arrange the means through which it may have become its most fruitful.

    Consider this post from Piper on that time period:

    “People look at Bethlehem’s growth over the last 30 years and think it is a success story. But things are more complex than that. And all growth is ambiguous. Numbers don’t equal faithfulness.

    What is so easily forgotten are the lean seasons. For example, in 1993 our average Sunday morning attendance was 1,064. Then came the crisis when two of our staff were removed for moral reasons. The shadow this cast was long and painful. In 1994 our attendance fell to 943. In 1995 to 906. In 1996 we struggled to 941. And only in 1997 did we reach our former high. Attendance reached 1,102. No growth for three years. People wondered if the dream was over.

    There were joys. And there were blessings. But in many ways the three years from the end of 1993 to the end of 1996 were heavy and sorrowful. They were the Lord’s chastening.”

    1. Moe Bergeron says:

      Eric, Thank you for filling us in about the lean years.

  5. Connie Johnson says:

    Thank you Moe Bergeron and John Piper for your faithfulness to God’s callings in your lives. May God continue to honor your commitment to Him and bless your ministries. Thanks again :)

  6. Moe Bergeron says:

    Everyone, What Justin has not shared is how he played a strategic role while he served for many years on the staff at Desiring God. He is a treasure!

  7. Dan says:

    That’s great, thanks for sharing!

  8. Blake White says:

    On Easter break in 2004, I set out to study and prove wrong a group of Calvinists at my college. Being a broke college student, I relied on articles I found using search engines (I think it was askjeeves back then). My plan to persuade fell through as I began reading articles and text after text expounding God’s freedom. Though I had no clue who this John Piper fellow was, the articles I found from DG were far and away the most clear and compelling.

    Thanks for being a trailblazer Moe! The Lord bless you.


  9. Bob Meredith says:

    I moved to Minnepolis in 1999 and happened to hear “Let your Passion Be Single” by John Piper. I wanted a copy, so found out where the church was and drove down there expecting some huge fancy office and a huge staff. I got there and was led through a dark room, up some rickety steps into a room where the desks were crammed together and disks and tapes were piled on tables. I got the tape and about wore it out listening. Then I discovered the website and was amazed that I could download sermons for free. In my mind, I thought, “This won’t last. They’ll have to start charging like everybody else.” So, I downloaded as many sermons as I could. Then, some time in the mid 2000’s they started offering audio sermons for free download. It changed my life. Pastor John’s sermons helped me gain a vision of an absolutely sovereign God who is passionate about his own glory. Thank you Moe for your vision. And thank you Desiring God for your committment.

  10. Lynn Rutledge says:

    Praise God for Moe and his part in a ministry that has helped me immensely! Thanks for posting.

  11. David Teh says:

    Raising my hand to be counted!

    I for one benefited greatly from the Piper’s Notes website in those early days and also from Moe’s generous time in giving advice over several matters over the years.

    Brian Hedges (the author) would jump in here too! :)

  12. David McKay says:

    Wonderful story. Piper’s Notes is one of the first Christian sites I found on the internet in 1996. Love Moe!

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