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Ken Myers and Mars Hill Audio

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Andrew Ferguson has a delightful profile [1] of Ken Myers, proprietor of the Mars Hill Audio [2] journal, in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard. An excerpt:

The Journal demonstrates how closely the interests and worries of a conservative Christian intellectual overlap those of any curious traditionalist or cultural conservative, believing or non. Myers’s own curiosity is inexhaustible. On the website’s topic index​—​choosing a letter at random​—​you’ll find under “M” segments on Mondrian (Piet) and Moore (Michael), memory and money, Mendelssohn and Marsalis, masculinity and materialism. I popped in Issue 102 the other day and heard Myers’s pleasant tenor saying, by way of preface: “Is creation meaningful, and if it is, is its meaning perceptible?” This rousing intro opened a series of ruminations and interviews with a variety of scholars and writers. A brief explanation of the split between nominalism and realism in the Middle Ages led to a discussion of Jacques Maritain’s relationship with avant garde painters and musicians in 1920s Paris, then moved through the Fibonacci sequence and the mathematical value of Bach fugues as examples of inherent order, topped off with a tribute to the paintings of Makoto Fujimura by the philosopher Thomas Hibbs. The pace is unhurried, the discussions pretty easily comprehensible. Imagine NPR if NPR were as intelligent as NPR programmers think it is.

You don’t have to agree with Myers’ view of culture to be informed and challenged by his perspective. A nice foray into his thinking is the new introduction he wrote for his only book thus far, All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes: Christians and Popular Culture [3] (Crossway). And you can sample the audio journal here [4].

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