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8 thoughts on “A Message for Ordinary Pastors”

  1. Thomas Womack says:

    Very powerful! Thank you for sharing this. It convicted me regarded my perspectives and expectations regarding the pastors in our church, rather than fully loving and accepting them with the same love and acceptance Jesus accords them…

  2. Karl Vaters says:

    This is an important message. Thanks for putting it out there.

  3. Terry says:

    This message may be intended for pastors, but it can be appreciated by a much larger group of ordinary Christians too.

  4. Wesley says:

    Appreciate your transparency and candour bro. I ache for your loss and praise God for your faithfulness and humility in spite of it. God keep you ever thus.

  5. Marty says:

    Half way through his book. So much Biblical sense and grace in it.

  6. While I had not achieved the level of success that the young man reached in his ministry, I still experienced and suffered a tremendous defeat like that he encountered. Last night at church our pastor spoke of contact with a young man in the ministry who had a like setback, and I responded, saying in agreement with the pastor, “Yes, things will get better. Yesterday, I had a phone call from our son, thanking me for a visit I made with him some 20 years ago, when he was a student at the University. But 45 years ago, I almost committed suicide, because my wife had left me like the experience related above. Had I done so, I would have missed that phone call and the son who made it and is now a minister.”

    I could have added also that I would have missed getting to pastor two churches and preach many times in the past 41 years. King David suffered such a defeat, one resulting from his own sins, the extreme sins of murder and adultery. While God chastised him, He still used David. And in the end David turned out to be a man after God’s own heart not only as a King, but as a prophet and as the patriarch (Acts 2:29). Lest, anyone become too self-righeou like one group that I know of where they will not even admit a person with a divorce and remarriage into membership in their churches, it would be well for us to remember that God was willing to portray Himself as divorced in Jer.3:8. Imagine turning away one whom God has pardoned, while thinking to worship the God who portrays Himself as divorced.

  7. mark says:

    This is excellent.

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