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Howard G. Hendricks, known to the Dallas Theological Seminary community and beyond simply as “Prof,” saw his Lord face to face this morning. He was 88 years old.

Hendricks received a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College (1946) and a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary (1950). From there he and his Jeanne moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where he became the pastor of Calvary Independent Presbyterian Church (now Calvary Bible Church). In the fall of 1951 he began teaching twice a week at Dallas. After one year he resigned to pursue a doctorate at Yale. But the founding president of the seminary, Lewis Sperry Chafer, died before the 1952 school year began, and theology department chairman John Walvoord was appointed president. Walvoord contacted Hendricks and asked him to delay his doctorate in order to teach at the seminary full time. He would eventually go on to earn a D.D. from Wheaton College Graduate School in 1967 while continuing to teach at Dallas. He taught at the school for a remarkable 60 years before officially retiring.

Hendricks’ bestseller, Living by the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible (Moody Press, 1991), helped hundreds of thousands of laypeople learn the inductive method of studying the Bible.

For more on Howard Hendricks, and especially on the personal impact he made on countless lives, see this helpful write up from Dallas Seminary.

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16 thoughts on “Howard Hendricks (1924-2013)”

  1. Ray Ortlund says:

    I loved this man. I thank the Lord for him.

  2. Keith Mathison says:

    Dr. Hendricks was one of my professors during my time at DTS. He was one of the most gifted teachers I have ever encountered, and he was a truly humble man. He will be missed, but I rejoice that he is with his Savior.

  3. Jeff Nettles says:

    The book you mentioned along with Teaching to Change Lives are two of my favorites. A very enthusiastic, faithful teacher of God’s Word. He ran a good race, and is through with the fight!

  4. Tom Strong says:

    Very simply – he taught me to study the Word of God which has changed my life forever

  5. Ed Komoszewski says:

    I wept both tears of sorrow and joy upon hearing this news this morning. “Prof” changed the course of my education, ministry, and life.

  6. Barry Lawrence says:

    Impacted my life through his love for and commitment to the Word of God. He was one of the most effective teachers I had ever sat under. His inductive course was a keeper. Now he is with his Lord.

  7. Greg Parsons says:

    While at DTS I majored in the Prof’s department, just so I could get more classes with him.
    One of my favorite quotes from him: “It’s a crime to make the Bible boring.”

  8. Lee Adams says:

    Dr. Hendricks taught me at CCC’s Institute for Biblical Studies and helped
    ground me in my faith through his teaching, his books and his life. As with
    all who knew him, Prof will be missed with all of his Godly wisdom.

  9. Susan Adams says:

    In person and through his books and tapes (like Motivation & Leadership and The Christian Home), Dr. Howard Hendricks mentored me and impacted our family and generations to come!

  10. Randy Alcorn says:

    I didn’t know Howard well, but the several times we talked in person he touched me deeply. Once He wrote to thank me for something I’d written, and I thought how seldom I’d done that for others. What an encourager to the next generation, and the next and the next. Looking forward to getting to know him well in a far better world!

  11. Zachary says:

    Does anyone know where I could find the interview used in this video?

    I would love to watch the full thing.

    Praise God for Prof Howard Hendricks.

  12. Jason Helopoulos says:

    Dr. Hendricks was a gift to all of us who had the privilege of studying under him. His zeal for the Scriptures, the Lord, and teaching was worthy of study itself.

  13. Allan Lee says:

    Dr. Hendricks, along with Dr. D. Pentecost, set the course of my life’s ministry. Dr. Hendricks aroused in me an EXCITEMENT & JOY in studying the Word, and “Dr. P” implanted in me a LOVE for and TEACHING of the Word. I owe my entire ministry to these models of Christ likeness. Selah!

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