For those who reading Augustine’s Confessions (and if you haven’t—well, tolle lege!), below is a chart I reconstructed from a helpful chronological mapping of the book (i.e., the first 9 chapters, or “books”) produced by Stanford’s Thomas Sheehan. The subjects are from Garry Will’s translation. I also put together a simple Google Map marking some of the key locations

Book Subject Duration Time Age Locale
1 Childhood 15 years 354-369 0-15 Thagaste, Madaura
2 Sin 1 year 370 15/16 Thagaste
3 Manichaeism 3 years 371-374 16-20 Carthage
4 Friends 6 years 375-381 20-27 Thagaste, Carthage
5 Materialism 2 years 382-384 27-30 Carthage, Rome, Milan
6 Milan 2 years 385-386 30-32 Milan
7 Neoplatonism 2 months June-July 386 31 Milan
8 Vocation 1 month August 386 31 Milan
9 Baptism 1 year August 386- Summer 387 31-32 Cassiciacum, Milan, Rome, Africa

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3 thoughts on “The Chronology of Augustine’s Confessions”

  1. Bruce Russell says:


  2. Ron Harvey says:

    I know you’re trying to help a friend, but here is Confessions for free

  3. Heather Okrafka says:

    Thank you. I’m reading this right now with my kids.

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