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I am thankful for Jon Nielson’s new book, Bible Study: A Student’s Guide (P&R, 2013). Nielson, formerly director of training for the Simeon Trust (which provides training in biblical exposition), was pastor for high school student at College Church in Wheaton, and now serves as their college pastor.

D. A. Carson writes in the foreword:

So if you are a high schooler, read this book carefully and thoughtfully, and then loan it to your parents. Chances are pretty good that they’ll benefit from it as much as you will. If you are a parent of high schoolers, or concerned for the welfare of high schoolers you know who are not your own children, put a copy of this book into their hands and encourage them to read it. Better yet, work through it with them, or at very least read it before you give it away. They won’t mind, especially if you tell them that the reason you are giving this book to them is because you have found it so helpful yourself.

You can read some of it online here.

Here is the table of contents:

  1. The Bible Is God Speaking
  2. The Bible Is Powerful
  3. The Bible Is Understandable
  4. The Bible Is a Literary Work
  5. Exploring Biblical Genres
  6. The Bible Is One Story
  7. Studying the Bible as One Story
  8. So . . . What Is Bible Study?
  9. Barriers to Bible Study for Young People
  10. Aids and Approaches to Bible Study
  11. Leading Together
  12. A Call to Young People

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2 thoughts on “Finally, A Book for High Schoolers on How to Study the Bible”

  1. Mark B. says:

    I look forward to reading it and hopefully sharing it with some friends. I’ve been looking for some good material dealing with this subject for a Sunday school class I lead with Highschoolers. Thank you for sharing this resource!

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