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My favorite college football team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, honored a young man battling brain cancer at their spring game this weekend. You can read the story here, and watch his 69-yard touchdown below:

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9 thoughts on “The Best Touchdown in College Football This Year”

  1. Aron Utecht says:

    Jack, you got to do what every little boy in NE grew up dreaming about.

    Keep running Jack!

  2. Chuck says:

    I’ve read your blog for years, but finding out you’re a fellow Huskers fan makes me like it all the more. Plus I can tell people “I linked to this story on my Facebook BEFORE I saw it on Between Two Worlds!” Ha.

  3. Greg says:

    Hey Justin! The pride of The ‘Sker Nation!!! Great video. Made me cry.

    Check out this link to see the stadium update (a much less important video, but exciting none the less:-)

  4. Ben says:

    How did I not know you were a Husker fan??? I’ve always enjoyed the blog but this seals the deal.

    Great story. I knew who Jack was right away. In a week/month/year of terrible sports news this story shows everything good about sports and about how often there’s something more important than just a football game.

  5. Sheldon says:

    Proud to be a Husker!

    Also, I’m an even bigger fan of yours now! :-)

  6. taco says:

    Huskers! That move was Tom Osborne classy!

  7. taco says:

    Justin, did you see Upper Deck commemorated this with Jack’s own trading card? Kinda neat. Anywho.

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