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Carl Trueman, writing a few years ago:

Conspiracy theories have an aesthetic appeal: they make us feel more important in the grand scheme of things than we are. If someone is going to all this trouble to con us into believing in something, then we have to be worth conning; and the impotence we all feel in the face of massive impersonal bureaucracies and economies driven not by democratic institutions so much as multinational corporations is not really the result of our intrinsic smallness and insignificance so much of our potential power which needs to be smothered. Such views play to our vanity; and, to be brutally frank, the kind of virtual solitary vice which so much solipsistic internet activity represents.

Conspiracy theories don’t hold up, though. Nobody is that competent and powerful to pull them off. Even giant bureaucracies are made up of lots of small, incompetent units fighting petty turf wars, a fragmentation which undermine the possibility of the kind of co-ordinated efforts required to pull off, say, the fabrication of the Holocaust. History, humanly speaking, is a tale of incompetence and thoughtlessness, not of elaborate and sophisticated cabals. Evil, catastrophic evil, is not exceptional and brilliant; it is humdrum and banal; it does not involve thinking too much; it involves thinking too little.

For more, see Trueman’s excellent book, Histories and Fallacies: Problems Faced in the Writing of History, especially his chapter on Holocaust denial.

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61 thoughts on “The Secret Reason behind Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Wesley says:

    Love this book from the ‘Carl-bomb’ and yes, his chapter on Holocaust denial is particularly good.

  2. Lisha says:

    Hi Justin, I have to respectfully disagree with Carl Trueman’s thoughts.

    I agree that there are crazy conspiracies out there like the denial of the holocaust, or saying that Oswald wasn’t necessarily the one (or the only one) who was in on the assassination of JFK.

    However, some grand schemes I’m sure are possible by even feeble minded people and governments. After all, evil does not come from humans, but from satan. Therefore, a smarter power is actually at work. And if you read anything revolving around Revelation, you will know that most people in this world (whether they know it or now) end up working together to form a new world order and one world religion, etc, which is master planned by satan himself. The good thing is that God is victorious in the end… too bad satan isn’t smart enough to just realize that now and just give up… but it’s all part of the bigger plan that is bigger than ourselves, and whether you know it or not, you are a part of that plan as well… There is a huge brain washing that has to occur for the entire world to come together like that in the name of the Antichrist, and while it is satan’s plan, he uses people to accomplish that.

    Not that I’m big on conspiracy theories (I observe them from an analytical and logical viewpoint), however, things that are true are true. And some conspiracies do turn out to be true. And the people that say that something is not possible might end up being the one who is slapped in the face by a real “conspiracy” at some point in their life.

    That being said, I do not deny the fact the horrible events of the holocaust occurred, and I think anyone who does most likely has evil satan working inside of them!

    1. AJG says:

      I agree that there are crazy conspiracies out there like … saying that Oswald wasn’t necessarily the one (or the only one) who was in on the assassination of JFK.

      If you think this is crazy, you really don’t know the facts of the case. I recommend James W. Douglass’ “JFK and the Unspeakable”. It will open your eyes.

  3. Justin Taylor says:

    Christian: no one in his right mind would deny the existence of conspiracies. This article is about “conspiracy theorists” (

    1. Bruce Russell says:

      All of history is about the overthrow of a demonic conspiracy. Conspiracy theorists are among the most duped.

  4. Marlon Hollis says:

    There is a distinction here between what Mr. Trueman describes as conspiracy theories and actual conspiracies found in history. I do hesitate to put words in his mouth, but I don’t think Mr. Trueman is suggesting there are no actual conspiracies in history.
    Having learned about criminal conspiracies in law school, I know that conspiracies in general are very hard for the conspirators to maintain for significant periods of time (let alone decades long “black helicopter”, one world government conspiracies, etc.). They require frequent clandestine meetings to make sure every one is on the same page, yet, each member has their own agenda, plus the group has the burden of the prisoner’s dilemma (is Sue going to spill the beans to the police to get a better deal? Maybe I should go to the Feds first and become an informer to lessen any charges against me, etc.). not all members will be equally happy about the terms of the conspiracy, and thus this is a common fear in conspiracies, of someone spilling their guts.

    Most successful conspiracies work best with small groups of people, rather than large groups. We don’t know how many people were involved in the conspiracy against Jesus, not all members of the Jewish leadership (Nicodemus, etc.) were part of the conspiracy. Plus their goal to murder Jesus is probably a common conspiracy (along with conspiracies born of greed like fraud, bank robberies, etc.) and are very simple compared to the elaborate ones cooked up by conspiracy theorists. The murders of Jesus didn’t seem to do much more than agree to lie and make false charges, nothing too elaborate.
    I think Trueman’s point stands if you maintain the distinction between real (and more common) criminal conspiracies and the fantasies created by over active imaginations.

    1. David Langston III says:

      I served 20 years in the military, ex Navy Seal. So I can say for certain that there are ‘black helicopters’. We call the people that fly in them ‘Ghosts’. Because they come out of nowhere, and they answer to no one. When they would come visit us at the base, we weren’t allowed to ask questions about who they were or what they wanted. We were pretty much given the impression that they didn’t exist.

      For people that don’t exist, you should have seen how much power they had. Even generals and captains looked nervous around them.

  5. Dean P says:

    Maybe I’m out of line for this comment, which means it probably won’t get posted but regardless if it does or not I find it really sad that the first comments on this article were Christians being defensive about conspiracy theorists. How typical.

    1. Lisha says:

      Yep, you are out of line.

    2. Lisha says:

      Might I also add that it wasn’t defensiveness (although this comment is). It was merely sharing the truth.

  6. I’d like to add that one important ingredient to conspiracy theories is that it plays on _mistrust_ of an institution (e.g. news, government, religion).

  7. Dean P says:

    Like I said….sad.

    1. Lisha says:

      Whether you realize or not, all of those people who you feel sorry for, actually feel sorry for you… I personally worry about your future.

      1. Richard says:

        And “we” worry about you!

        1. Lisha says:

          Good, thanks for worrying about me, Richard! Pray the best for me, please. Thanks! That’s what I’m doing for everyone! Also, might I ask, what exactly are you worried for me for?

  8. David Beirne says:

    But Who was the real Mastermind behind the conspiracy that lead to Christ’s crucifixion?

  9. don vad says:

    I am being a Berean not a critic, where is the biblical reference for this conjecture?

  10. Bruce says:

    Trueman’s quote strikes me as naive. While it is true that you can find conspiracy theories on the Internet that are sensational, outrageous, and false, that doesn’t change the fact that conspiracies are a fact of history, a fact of the present, and will in all likelihood be a factor in the future. It’s plainly obvious that power corrupts, and that wicked people are attracted to positions of power. Why would we not then expect that those wicked people in power would conspire to hide their corruption and evil intentions? It is not that much of a stretch to see how a conspiracy can come to pass. All it takes is a few sinister people in positions of power surrounded by amoral cowardly people who only look after their own career advancement and/or reputations. These two groups are more than enough to spread far and wide the politically correct propaganda that brain washes the useful idiots of the world. The idea that conspiracies require lots of people keeping secrets in highly complex plans is a misconception. If sinister people just take over a few key political and media institutions and tell the world which opinions are cool and hip, then you have yourself a vast conspiracy! You can get away with all sorts of evil and use your media arm to make anyone who challenges you look ridiculous. It works. People hate to be ridiculed and they’ll even pretend to love the emperor’s new clothes to avoid it.

    1. Lisha says:

      Amen, my brother!

  11. David says:

    This world is passing away, and no conspiracy can stop that.

    Whoever does the will of God – not the one who garners the most power or weaponry or gold – abides forever


  12. anaquaduck says:

    Not sure I agree with the article. As we seek to understand the world there is so much information & interpretations around, Political,Spiritual & Scientific.

    Conspiracies & Agendas are everywhere on varying scales.I probably dont understand the academic technicality of the argument.On that basis maybe an article could be prepared to help appreciate the context & differences.

    1. anaquaduck says:

      I did go to the link provided. Its going to take a while to put it in perspective…not an easy subject.

  13. Richard says:

    Dr. Trueman has an earned doctorate in church history from the University of Aberdeen. The charge he is “ignorant” of history is pretty ignorant in itself.

  14. Rachael Devlin says:

    In agreement with Trueman. Large conspiracies would require a great level of competance, something people don’t normally associate with any government.

    With the moon landing, 9/11, Sandy Hook – if they were conspiracies organised by hundreds of people – someone would crack. For money, for notoriety etc.

    I think a lot of conspiracy theorists have basic trust and pride issues.

    1. Julianne White says:


      Do you remember a little something called D-Day? It involved thousands of people. Yet the Allies were able to keep it a secret from Germany, despite Germany’s best attempts to discover what what the Allies were up to.

      There are hundreds of military operations that take place every year, without us knowing about them, despite the fact that thousands of soldiers are involved.

      As long as everyone is on the same page, you would be surprised the things people are able to accomplish.

      1. Richard says:

        I’m in the military, Julianne. I’ve also worked for the federal government for over thirty years. The idea of the military and or the federal government being able to keep together a conspiracy of any sorts is a laughable one.

  15. I have known and studied and read and thought and reflected on conspiracies a number of times in my life. My family in Arkansas (I was raised by my maternal grandparents on a share cropper’s farm) use to argue about the matter every once in a while, usually on Sunday afternoons after dinner. What fueled the whole matter was the presence of an Uncle, my grandfather’s brother who had served in four Wars (Spanish American, Philippine, WWI and WWII) and said there was one and named names. He had the bad background of having served in Intelligence on Mararthur’s staff in WWII and had known the General from the time he was a shave tail Lt., fresh out of West Point. He was with Theodore Roosevelt in the charge up San Juan Hill, had a battlefield commission from WWI as a 2nd Lt. (I saw Woodrow Wilson’s signature on that Commission). He had also been with the Allied Expeditionary Force in Siberia during the Communist Revolution. Grandpa once told a friend who was about to join the army and who had said he would not have to go overseas as the President (F. Roosevelt) had so, “In so much time you will be overseas in a World War.” After the war, he came back and said, “Well, you were right. I was overseas and in a World War. You just had the time wrong.” I forget whether Grandpa said it would be six months and it was a year or vice versa, but in any case it was in 6 mos, if he said a year, and a year if he said six mos.

    After I grew up, I heard many stories about conspiracies and reach oodels and gobs of stuff on the subject which said it was all a lot of baloney. Then I got hold of some serious works, like the Si/Fi set of C.S. Lewis, especially that Hideous Strength which names a real conspirator from the great conspiracy. You will also find a footnote in his The Great Divorce and a reference to it in his Letters to an American Lady. There is, of course, the major work by a historian, Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope. NY: Macmillan Pub. Co., 1965. Quigely says there is one and even discusses the theology they promote (Pluralism) and the theology they oppose (It is Calvinism). He also wrote The Anglo American Establishment with Cecil Rhodes 6th and final will. Quigley was Mr. Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown Univ. and recommended him for a Rhodes and Fulbright one or the other or both to Oxford. Interesting enough Taylor Caldwell’s novel, Captains and the Kings, has a bibliography which lists Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. There is also Bella Dodd, Chairman of the American Communist Party who resigned after Moscow ordered her to take her orders from one of two American Capitalists living in the Waldorf Astoria, and she wrote a book, The School of Darkness. You all might want to read Cleon Skousen’s the Naked Capitalism, and please explain to me how I could have one of the theoreticians for world communism as a professor at a small Black University in the Midwest, a man who wrote works which the folks who govern the communist nations read in order to know how to govern such countries, or so I was told. I had one commie cuss me out after I mentioned him. A Princeton Sociologist called him, “One of the Unsung Marxist Heroes.” A True Anticommunist crusader, one with a master’s from Yale and one from Columbia and a Ph.D. from Southern told me about the rulers reading that fellow’s works, and in the fall of ’90 our son showed me a course outline from the UNC-CH on Marxian theorists and said, “Dad, I am going to study your professor.” There in the midst of the semester was my professor from the Black University.

    And folks say there is no conspiracy. They should read what George Washington had to say about John Robinson’s work on the Illuminati, Born in Blood, eliptic but to the point. And Col Prouty was reading a paper published 1/2 hr after the shooting in Dallas, naming Lee Harvey Oswald as the Prime Suspect, but at that time he was not even known or captured…!! O the paper was in New Zealand, Christchurch, I think. Now we have the confession of one who had a part in it…on his deathbed, thanks to Jesse Ventura (and I am no great follower of his).

    There is more, much more, about a library of some 250,000 is a rough guess, and the thing is old and strong and evil. A lot of our views about (it is baloney, etc.) are the results of brainwashing to that end. Just consider how Lewis could name Rhodes and how Quigley did his research at Oxford where the Rhodes House that contains the records of Rhodes exist….I have books in my library that deny the conspiracy, etc., but as a historian trained to do research outside the box I find such works will not stand up to a real critical examination. What really succeeds, however, in the public arena is money, and the they own the gold have the control….Think of this, Some one said,
    Communism was invention of Capitalists to control the poor.

    Really? Why do they finance it?

    1. Julianne White says:

      @Dr. Willingham-

      Thank you for your informative comment. It is much needed information.

      I agree with you. Those persons who usually belittle the conspiracy theories are persons that do not know how to think for themselves, and who do not know how to seek truth. They are merely content to accept whatever explanation the TV gives them.

      It is like the movie ‘The Matirx’. When presented with the option to take the green pill in order to wake up, most will take the red pill. Why? Because it is so much easier to live in ignorance.

      1. Richard says:

        Sure. Nice “explanation” too of those who disagree with you–nice and pat in itself. We’re “ignorant.” But you refuse to listen or deal critically with what Dr. Trueman writes. I wonder which of us is living in a matrix here?

        1. Disagree? Disagree? Disagree? Anyone who finds any evidence to persuade to a belief in conspiracy theories will encounter nothing but disagreements. You should have attended the great verbal warfares in my family in Arkansas some 60 years ago. But, Hey! I am not overwhelmed by conspiracy. There is another conspiracy, that of the goodness of God. He drew Satan and the host of evil onto His chosen battleground, the cross, and there He delivered the decisive defeat, leaving nothing but mopping up actions. All the battles of the Civil War, after Gettysburg and Vicksburg, were largely mopping up operations even though they were terrible in their own way. How about the fact that in a single day the whole earth might be turned to Christ? Or perhaps it will be a decisive and strategic action on God’s part in the intellectual and spiritual realms which shall turn the minds and hearts of all mankind to Christ for a thousand generations…and all so God can crack a joke about the number of the redeemed in Heaven being a number no one can number, a bit of humor perhaps on God’s part to cheer His discouraged troops.

          1. Richard says:

            Amen, Dr. Willingham! Thanks for that encouragement! And we rest by faith in the finished work of Christ for us, who defeated death and Satan for us. We can get too wrapped up in conspiracy theories and fear mongering instead of looking to Him on whom our salvation rests and remembering that we are aliens and sojourners here until He returns. Maranatha!

  16. According to my email notifications and copies of this discussion, there are others involved in the discussion, i.e., Dr. Mohler, who are not being listed above. Why is this? As to the masonic participation in the conspiracy, does that depend on what lodge and purpose such a undertaking serves masonry? After all, was not the Napoleonic Wars a war between the Grand Lodge of London and the Oriental Lodge of Paris? And there are things masons can do and they really do which the average participant in the political processes of a nation cannot do? Some masons are good masons, and some are bad. Like Alice, when they are bad, they are horrid. And I suppose, likewise, vice versa. I have put considerable time into a study of this and found that some lodges seem to serve the purposes of the wealthy, like the folks in Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. And who was responsible for the change of the theology of Sandy Creek so that some today are so mistaken as to believe that it was Arminian from the beginning??? And yet as late as 1814, Mt. Pisgah, the home church of our first missionary to China, Matthew T. Yates, began with articles of faith that spoke of Christ dying for the church and said not one word about Him dying for the whole world of every one without exception. And Mt. Pisgah across the years lost her records and then in the past several years got them back again. Seems Mormonism, masonry turned inside out or is it outside in?, had them, and they gave the church a microfilm copy of the minutes. I made a copy of the articles of faith, and it disappeared from my library along with other items….Is our Conservative Resurgence really serious? Who knows what I have learned? And who cares? Or is it the folks in power seeking to put the right people in positions of leadership so they can maintain control cause the real name of the game is control, power, who calls the shots? The folks who run things will do anything to keep control, and they are advocates of inferior-superior roles….Whereas the Sovereign Grace precepts and the advocates of such in Southern Baptist life and background are really fierce egalitarians. Just look at how the African American Christians flocked to membership in the church that practiced one rite familiar to them and called them Brothers and Sisters, a practice that got one White member who opposed treating them folks as equals in the church excluded from Mt. Pisgah back before the Civil War. He died of disease after Second Manassas, that’s Second Bull Run for you folks not acquainted with how the South had its own terminology for the battles of the War of Succession. And I being a Southerner do not hold with them on this issue, because it was a war planned in Europe, intending to get rid of a lot of people, advance certain financial interests, and, o by the way, Dr. Mohler, a Lodge was very much a part of the process to bring that war to pass, the Knights of the Golden Circle. I once heard a fellow describe their initiation rite, one that makes a person shudder.

  17. Bruce says:

    What happened to my conversation yesterday with Dr. Mohler about his freemasonry participation? Was it deleted? Good grief! Way to combat crazy conspiracy theories guys! Wasn’t that the original purpose of this blog post?

    This article explains why many Christians are skeptical of the good of involvement with masonry:

    1. Bruce says:

      It is verses like the one below that make me think that Freemasonry and other secret societies should have no place in Christianity. If Freemasonry is a force of good in the world, then Freemasons should have nothing to hide, and yet they keep many secrets from the public. It will all be revealed in the end though:

      From Mark Chapter 4 (ESV)

      21And he said to them, “Is a lamp brought in to be put under a basket, or under a bed, and not on a stand? 22For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.

      We Christians need to model God’s Kingdom in the here and now. God’s Kingdom is about shining light in the darkness, and this is not accomplished by spending time hidden from view making secret oaths and performing secret rituals.

  18. The fact that the comments of Dr. Mohler came to me by email and apparently were not included in this blog as the emails indicated suggests that there is something fishy about the whole deal. It is one of the reasons, I have not felt at ease with the TGC and the whole Reformed Baptist movement though I hold the doctrines of Sovereign Grace. In fact< I suppose I am a supralapsarian (except I wasn't there when the decrees were made), and the results are egalitarian as opposed to the complementarianism of the Reformers whom the Baptists were long ago trying to instruct as to religious freedom, etc. Complementarianism is functional – not absolute as far as humans are concerned. When needed a woman can act with the same authority as a man as John Piper's remarks about his mother's exercise of authority over him in his teenage years, when his father was away in revivals. She just proved the point, and she demonstrates why God would tell Abraham to do what Sarah said with reference to Hagar. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!The bad thing about masonry is its secrecy, and there are lodges that are evil as well as lodges that are good. But it is hard to tell which is which, if you don't have access to the truth. Have a mason that wants to get rid of you in your church or job? Expect him to succeed unless God intervenes. They will pull some of the most underhanded conniving stunts, utterly dumbfounding.

  19. Please put back Dr. Mohler’s comments, if he was the source of them. How can one carry on a discussion that is meaningful, detailed, purposive, if germane comments are removed from public purview? I thought you all were believers in Sovereign Grace, even Calvinism, which, if you will even bother to do a little research had a great deal to do with the development of scientific thought, because they learned the hard way to practice openness. The intellectualism foisted by the biblical perspective of Divine Sovereignty is of such a nature as to enable us to develop the next step in scientific methodology, the one in which we learn to handle two apparently antithetical, seemingly contradictory ideas, in a way that is objective, reflective, experimental, and testable. We are on the verge of a Third Great Awakening, for which I have been praying for (it will be this Fall) 40 years, pleading the promises listed in Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt which provided the flash point for the Second Great Awakening (and why not as it came from one of the participants of the First Great Awakening?) and helped to launch the Great Century of Missions which provided some hope for Allied military forces in the South Pacific who hoped that, if they were shot down or had their ships sunk, they would make it to an Island where the Missionaries had been so they could be the guests for lunch in stead of the lunch.

    The Third Great Awakening is the one where we discover that the whole earth, that is, every soul upon it in one generation is the elect of God and that situation continues for a thousand generations and reaches to a million billion planets in the Universe, thanks to John Owens’ tract on Limited Atonement, What is seemingly so narrow can turn out to be the broadest, most liberal, and yet strictly orthodox more than the most committed Conservatives ever dreamt. Just imagine where the brother or the sister is a brother or a sister, an equal, not a stupid superior or inferior, one you truly love in the most biblical sense of the term. And why not studies of Agape in I Cors. 13 which reflect Christ as the model for that prose poetic perambulation through the behaviors that one would give one’s live for gladly.

  20. Marlon Hollis says:

    Actually, I take this statement back: ” their beliefs are not falsifiable, you cannot ever prove them wrong with no amount of evidence.” For all one would need to do is find one person who changed their mind on a conspiracy theory to prove this statement wrong. For instance, I was one such person, who believed in conspiracy theories (JFK ones in particular, but also others as well). I wasn’t intellectual arguments from other that helped me, but the Lord changing my heart, and His ongoing process of rooting out my idols.

  21. Justin Taylor says:

    Folks, no one was dialoguing with Dr. Mohler about anything. It was a troll posting under a false name—actually multiple false names—in this thread, claiming to be Dr. Mohler and talking about masonery, and then writing under another name to complain about the comments being deleted. If you really think Dr. Mohler came on to this blog to talk about his role as a Mason, you might want to go back and re-read the original post!

    1. Bruce says:

      Doesn’t TGC have some way of protecting the names that people can post under? I would think that you all would block out the names of your contributors to prevent this sort of scenario…

    2. Ahh! Thank you Justin. That whole thing about Dr. Mohler making comments had something about it that smelled to high heaven. Masons are not exactly talkative about their lodge membership, although one can secure the works that they have published across the years. After that one has to be prepared to do cross checking, seeking independent varification, to a degree most folks would find incomprehensible, and even then subjected to a skepticism of an extreme nature. Like I said there are good masons and bad masons, and I did mention a war between lodges and that some lodges apparently were created to carry out the will of certain people, i.e., the Knights of the Golden Circle and the promotion of the war between two sections of this nation. There are also designs long involved in the masonic manipulations, as near as I can make out, that are inimical to the great masses of people. However, not all masons go along, creating a problem for some folks. If though a certain group wants something to be done, they have the means through masonry to get a great deal accomplished of hidden agendas. There, for instance, the illuminati. Now it takes some extensive reading, but one can find masons who will provide info. to the effect that that outfit was in existence as far back as the 12th century, a nice fact when you get a hold of some masons who play hard ball, that is, really get truthful. And then there is the turning of rings that bring others to obey the desires of those who want certain things. And the reasons why Evangelicals in the North central part of the US are not given to such kowtowing to the Lodge has to do with the murder of one Captain Morgan who published some materials on the Knights Templars ambition to rule the world. There is also the fact of a P2 Lodge supposedly in the Vatican, the moving back and forth between the upper echelons of Masonry (33rd degree, etc.) and the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus. There is the supposed writing of degrees for one brand of Masonry by the Jesuits!!!And some of the latter supposedly being 37th degree, whatever that is.

      Like I said, none of this is easy. However, I can say I have known of conspiracies that ran Southern Baptists. One fellow even told me he was threatened with assassination if he did not get back in line and quit mouthing off about problems. Others have denied that, but I have often regarded them with a suitable degree of skepticism, especially as I had other knowledge and sources of which they were not even cognizant. The problem is how to keep one/s balance in the midst of conflicting realities and contentious parties. God has a purpose in all that He allows or decrees, the highest and best purpose which He seeks to realize and will succeed in that effort, when the time comes. One cannot afford to act like an idiot or go to pieces in times of war, and there is a spiritual war in process at all times in this world. However, victory is coming, a victory of such a degree that it can only be described in terms of the plentitude of the ocean sea, “the earth shall be filled with His knowledge and glory as the waters cover the sea.” One dear old saint who had lived a life of poverty and lack, of never having enough, was taken to see the ocean for the first time in her life. When she saw it, she said, “Well, this is the first time in my life where I ever saw anything that there was more than enough of.” Likewise, we have never seen the great ocean of grace coming upon the earth, the stone that is to become a great mountain and fill the whole earth, the earth being as Isaiah 11:9 and Habakkuh 2:14 put, full of the knowledge and glory as the waters cover the sea, of the people of many nations coming to Jerusalem, the Church (Hebs.12:22), a nation born in a day. We are still under the manipulative powers of those who want us to overlook the obvious meaning of the Church being the Heavenly City, Mt.Zion, the Holy of Holies, the place where the day of judgment is now taking place and one can set down with His attorney and the Judge Himself and have his case adjudicated…..God awaken our eyes.

  22. Funny, I am a conspiracist, and I am a Post Millenialist. Not everything is a conspiracy. Anyone buying that is the person I want to talk to about a bridge. Anyone who totally rejects conspiracies and conspiracy theorists is another person I would want to talk to about the bridge. I note the folks who are the antis in this case have nothing to say about the sources cited in remarks made earlier, e.g., Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, etc. which even spells out its anti-calvinistic theology. It even lists the theology it opposes, called determinism, i.e., Calvinism presented in its worst light. Anyone read Tony Brown’s Empower The People?

  23. Richard says:

    As was said above . . . the reaction to Rev. Carl Trueman’s remarks is a sad commentary on the Christian church. And name calling and slandering is also a violation of the Ninth Commandment, by the way.

  24. Patrick says:

    What does “being American” have to do with the Gospel? Who exactly is Carl a traitor of? America or Jesus.

  25. I think David is saying that God was the real mastermind.

  26. David Beirne says:


    I’m saying you’re responsible for what happened.

    Mat 16:21 From that time Jesus Christ began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day.

    the actions of the Jews were not a surprise to Jesus. The conspiracy began in eternity past.

  27. How many times have conspiracy theorists turned out to be right? I remember the days when George H.W. Bush was accused of being the Antichrist because he used the phrase “new world order” in a speech. If you look over history, Christian conspiracy theories are a huge embarrassment. Even Ronald Reagan was suspected of being the Antichrist because he had 6 letters in his first, middle, and last name.

    The main problem lies in your statment: “they spend time looking for the signs “.People assumed that they lived in the Endtimes, and they try to piece together evidence to make it fit their theory. Did you know that for a long time conspiratorial Christians thought that social security numbers would be the Mark of Satan? Sounds silly now, doesn’t it?

  28. KIm Jong Il was 69 when the video game came out, so predicting his death wasn’t a big deal. Plus he died in 2011, not 2012.

  29. Richard says:

    That’s right, bro. And the Moon Landing was a conspiracy–faked by The New World Order guys–so was 911, definitely a conspiracy by our Government. Anyone can see that.

  30. Richard says:

    But neither does it make one “ignorant.” Have you read or listened to anything by Dr. Trueman?

  31. Lisha says:

    Just because he knows some things does not mean he knows everything. No matter how educated someone is, if something is hidden from them, they will not see it/learn it.

  32. anaquaduck says:

    The tower of babel demonstrates humanities ability to achieve “great” things. Humans have the ability to be brilliant as much as incompetant.

    There may be cases where people are duped because of vanity & the feeling of importance but equally Psalm 8 has this appeal. God says you are special in the order of things,it is by faith that I know God can be trusted.

    Due to a lack of transparency & the ability of people to lie & deceive I cant see why there wouldnt be large scale conspiracies & secrets…The thing is knowing which is & what isnt.

    Some people desire power, influence & its trappings & will do & say anything to get it.In the end though Psalm 2 has a message in this regard.

  33. Tim says:

    This comment thread makes me smile. I am surprised none of the commenters have expressed suspicion toward TGC or Dr. Trueman as part of a heinous conspiracy to cover up other even more heinous conspiracies. ;-)

  34. Richard says:

    Uh huh–it takes the perceptions of those “in the know.” Got you.

  35. Tim says:

    Woops. This was meant to go to the bottom. I guess that’s what I get for being cheeky.

  36. Marlon Hollis says:


    Give it time. There seems to be one brewing over the disappearing Dr. Mohler sub-thread. To those in the know, obviously it was some sort of cover-up or censoring of some truth that the Conspirators don’t want us to know about.

    I find it interesting that conspiracy theorists ignore what those who disagree with them have said in this thread( i.e. I have not seen,but I could be wrong,any commenter here who has said there are no, and have never been any conspiracies in the world, but the conspiracy defenders seem to argue that if we do not believe in their theories then we don’t accept the idea of conspiracies in general).

    I don’t tend to argue with conspiracy theorists, for it is a very frustrating and tiring endeavor, their beliefs are not falsifiable, you cannot ever prove them wrong with no amount of evidence. When encountering someone who holds some kind of paranoid theory (ie. Bush planned the 9-11 attacks, or Obama is a secret Muslim Communist who is both incompetent to govern but also fiendishly clever enough to orchestrate a multiagency conspiracy to destroy the country, or the moon landings were faked, etc.), if they seem unwilling to listen to and truly consider a divergent opinion or set of facts, I let them go on. It’s not really an intellectual issue, but a heart issue whether one believes in conspiracy theories or not. I think such beliefs run counter to how Christ wants to His people to live, in joy of His victory, rather than in paranoia and fear.

    Ultimately all truth is God’s truth, and He runs the world and will make known what He want’s to make known.

  37. Richard says:

    Dr. Trueman, as I understand it, is also a thespian from time to time. Never can trust those Brits!

  38. Victor Carlyle says:

    If Christ did not want His Church to be aware of what is happening in the world, then why did he warn us through His Apostles, that we should be on the lookout for the Antichrist, who will come into the world with lying wonders and deceptions, who will declare himself God, and who will persecute the Church of Christ in the last days.

  39. Brandon Frasier says:

    I respect conspiracy theorists. Many of them seem to believe in a literal interpretation of the Book of Revelations. They know that the Antichrist will soon arise, and are trying to warn us by pointing to the current events that seem to indicate that a One World Government is possible.

  40. Bruce says:

    As one who was conversing with Dr. Mohler in the sub-thread, you don’t speak for me and my opinion when you say “obviously it was some sort of cover-up or censoring of some truth that the Conspirators don’t want us to know about”. I never accused TGC of a grand conspiracy and I don’t think they are involved with one, at least not overtly. That said, if TGC were really interested in dispelling conspiracy theories (which it seems like this post was intended to do), they wouldn’t censor respectful comments on topics relevant to the post.

    The deletion of the comments only further reinforces the perceptions that many have that Freemasonry has something sinister that it is hiding. It would behoove Freemasons (especially Freemasons who claim to be Bible-believing Christians, and who lead major Christian institutions) to address these perceptions by being transparent about their workings and intentions. That would be much more effective than simply ridiculing anyone who might have a legitimate question about how membership in a Masonic Lodge might impact one’s ability to perform a role in Christian ministry.

  41. Richard W. says:

    I wish I could respect conspiracy theorists. My experience is they are so wrapped up in their “theories” of seeing a conspiracy behind everything that they lose the focus of their faith–which should be on the risen Christ and His finished work for them. And their “literal” interpretation of the apocalyptic book of Revelations leads them into many false interpretations of contemporary events. Think Hal Lindsey.

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