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A thoughtful piece from John Piper, offering ten disavowals and ten corresponding affirmations regarding adoption and birth families, in response to recent criticism.

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3 thoughts on “Christian Adoption: 10 Disavowals and 10 Affirmations”

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for posting that piece…really great affirmations and disavowals. As an adopting parent (both post-birth and pre-birth (embryo adoption), I’ve had to think through a lot of those issues…”are we doing the right thing here”. So it was encouraging to know that others are thinking through the issues and are prepared to offer a response to those who would stand opposed (or at least negative towards) the beautiful grace of adoption.

  2. Brian says:

    That was thoughtful, thanks. I am also an adoptive parent. I have been struck lately at the many options that are now available to Westerners who wish to become parents.

    A generation ago, childless couples and unmarried singles would have yearned to become parents and would have had no way to fulfill those longings. Now that we have the avenues opened, do you think we have more people becoming parents to meet some need of their own? And if so, what will be the impact on our society as we raise kids in these family structures that existed only recently?

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