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4 thoughts on “Ira Glass on How the Media Portrays Christians”

  1. Wesley says:

    Fascinating to watch. Felt at times like i was a fly on the wall at times; almost like i should feel guilty for eavesdropping and wasn’t supposed to hear what was being honestly said. Love to hear from those w/o faith who can move beyond the caricature and just deal with the Christian as another person. More and more rare these days.

  2. deeon says:

    Ira seems to be one of the few vocal “Old Tolerance” thinkers Don Carson spoke about.

  3. Mike Francis says:

    This was great, Justin. Thanks for posting. The other excerpts from this interview on You Tube are also good.

  4. Now I see why a certain parishioner keeps telling me to listen this show.

    I appreciate Ira Glass’ reasonableness and fairness. He sees something that many non-Christians don’t acknowledge.

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