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Sam Allberry’s short new book, Is God Anti-Gay? And Other Questions about Homosexuality, the Bible and Same-sex Attraction (The Good Book Company, 2013), is garnering significant praise:

“Sam Allberry’s book Is God Anti-Gay? is truly marvellous. Paul neglected to mention that Sam writes from the perspective of a pastor who himself struggles with same sex attraction. This makes the book more compassionate and compelling. Sam’s humanity shines through every page; his understanding of weakness undergirds the whole; his compassion for those facing that which he himself faces each day is deeply moving. Those unconvinced by the simplistic pieties of reparative therapy and who are looking for something more biblical will find much helpful material here. This book would make an excellent resource for pastors and elders to keep on hand, given that this is an issue which is set to become more, not less, significant and contentious.”
—Carl R. Trueman, Reformation21 blog

“This an excellent book. It is real and sensitive, bold and biblical. It pulls no punches but is never strident or angular. Sam is clearly writing from the heart, and with a heart for Christ, his people and the world.”
—Steve Timmis, Director Acts 29 Europe

“EXCELLENT. Short, clear, kind, understanding. . . this needs to be widely distributed.”
—Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director at 9Marks, blogger and author

“The gospel is good news, for homosexuals too. The gospel doesn’t define us by our temptations but by the righteousness of Christ. This book sets forth the biblical case. The author captures perfectly the gospel’s call to repentance and offer of mercy. Read this book and consider how God is calling you to love, in word and in deed, all of those around you.”
—Russell D. Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention; Author, Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ

“This short book is outstanding. Sam Allberry handles people carefully, texts wisely and issues sensitively, and the result is a supremely helpful book on perhaps the most challenging issue western Christians face today. I highly recommend it.”
—Andrew Wilson, pastor and blogger at

“Every minister should read this book and we should endeavour to get it into the hands of as many of our congregation as possible.”
—Paul Levy, Reformation 21 blog

You can read the table of contents and introduction here.

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5 thoughts on “Is God Anti-Gay?”

  1. MarieP says:

    Honest question: Is *daily* struggle with same-sex attraction something that would disqualify one from being a pastor? I’ve not read this brother’s book (yet!), so perhaps he addresses it. I’m thinking about a pastor’s conduct as “blameless” and as “a one-woman man” (1 Tim. 3:2). My question, of course, assumes that a certain struggle could disqualify a man.

  2. RP says:

    I have not read the book either but the United States has definitely gone crazy with same sex “marriages.” God explicitly condemns homosexuality in the Bible. God hates the sin; not the sinner.

  3. GeoffW says:

    Why would this particular struggle (N.B., I am assuming that this is a struggle that he has been given the strength to resist the temptation) disqualify his from being a pastor (what about other positions of leadership?). I am assuming his CONDUCT is “blameless”, whereas you seem to that it is not. You need to think (read, learn) more about the issues of same-sex attraction. Simply because a Christian who is attracted to people of the same-sex, does not mean that they act on those attractions. There is a difference between same-sex ORIENTATION and BEHAVIOUR. Do you realise that it is this sort of special treatment (especially bad) by evangelicals turns many GLBT Christians, let alone any non-Christian GLBT people, away from the church where there is so much judgment and hostility and so little grace and love. As an Australian, I can assure, very unfortunately, you that the “God hates fags” a la that lunatic, fanatic Fred Phelps and his sect, is regarded as Gospel-truth not just by gay (etc) people, but by the general Australian population (which is much more secularised than the USA). That is what they believe is God’s attitude to gays – HATE. Yes, I know the theology, but it also puzzles me (a) that those other sins (and the SINNERS who perform them) that Paul includes in the same verse receive much less attention, and (b) GLBTs are told to remain celibate, but we NEVER hear (well, I have never heard) heterosexuals being urged to do the same, though that is Paul’s advice (preference? rule?). And then there are issues of the use of pornography among a significant proportion of the clergy, let alone the rest of us, and the sin of divorce, of which we are much more tolerant than in the past or of Scripture. I am not raising these issues to deflect from the issue of same-sex attraction, but to point out that we too often elevate “homosexuality” (and usually mindlessly lumping together those who are same-sex oriented, together with those engage in same-sex behaviours) above all sexual issues, and sins, in the Bible. Few of us are guiltless (think of Jesus interpretation of the meaning of “adultery”).

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