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More stories like this, please, affirming the dignity of all human life at all stages of life:

Keep in mind the statistic that 85% of women with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose abortion. (Read this so that you cite the stat correctly, not the way it’s often reported.)

HT: Owen Strachan

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11 thoughts on “Thank You, ESPN”

  1. Paul B. Isom says:

    I am not an evangelical or fundamentalist pastor. I preach in the United Church of Christ. I am still trying to understand the conservative Christian world. I grew up in the Church of Christ in the south; Dad was a minister. I also teach Philosophy and Comparative Religions in College. I object to evangelical Christians assuming that the church has no middle or left wings.
    Mel Gibson’s film PASSION OF THE CHRIST that seems to have been so
    deeply loved by evangelicals shows Satan in hell after Jesus dies.
    It’s empty! Just wondering why I never heard criticism from your side of the fence about this scene. Has it just gone unnoticed!
    You guys seemed to really endorse the film, but that empty hell business goes against your grain. Now you ASSUME that the Bible is
    of a unanimous voice on this subject. “Jesus said more about hell than any other person in the New Testament.” NO! He didn’t. He talked about Gehenna and he was talking about wasting your life NOW due to bad decisions and a non-God walk. I simply cannot put
    the definition of AGAPE (love that seeks the best interest of others)with a god that tortures people forever with no hope of getting out. Your understanding is a scandal on God and it says more about you and those who agree with you than it says about God.
    Jesus in Matthew 6 told us we could call God a parent. What would a
    good parent do for their children? God has 7 billion kids plus and he loves them all. When the Bible uses the term “all” are you saying that “all DOESN’T mean all?!” I will stipulate that there are passages that SEEM to teach Eternal Torturous Concious Hell,
    but I believe the Bible is an amalgamation of God’s word/man’s word. I grew up in a church that preached about hell and sang about heaven. You are afraid that young people will follow Rob Bell out your church doors. As a college professor, I can say that
    you’d be right. I believe that Jesus death and resurrection means the salvation of All. You should be embracing Rob Bell, not excluding him, as you and your friends have done so many others.
    That’s not Jesus in action.

    1. Mathetes says:

      Paul, one line summarized your view to me: “Jesus in Matthew 6 told us we could call God a parent.” You can’t even say that Jesus calls God “Father”. You had to change the words, so you aren’t faithful to the Bible. And besides, if the work of Jesus saves ALL, then why follow or believe? What’s the point?

    2. CPS says:


      Those were some of the most thoughtful comments about the ESPN video that Owen and Justin posted I’ve ever read.

      Oh, wait…

  2. jason says:

    This is an awesome video!

    Paul – Watch this

  3. Bob LaTour says:

    Thank you for this touching, inspirational breath of fresh air. I have coached for forty years. This story ranks near the top and gives a peek into what is really important in the big scheme of things. It stands in stark contrast to what you see and hear in most of sports today. Psalm 139.

  4. Scout says:

    Holy crap, I was in tears the whole time.

  5. Lee Dyck says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Justin! As a father of a daughter who has Down syndrome and is the same age as Paisley, I could certainly relate to how proud her daddy is of her :)

  6. RP says:

    This is such an inspiring video. Obviously, God intended for men to learn the deepest lessons in family which is giving.

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