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Daniel Reisel: “even the best writers make these mistakes, but you can’t afford to. The way manuscripts are thrown into the Rejection pile on the basis of early mistakes is a crime. Don’t be a victim.”

Here is his top-ten list of mistakes:

  1. Repeats
  2. Flat writing
  3. Empty adverbs
  4. Phony dialogue
  5. No-good suffixes
  6. The “to be” words
  7. Lists
  8. Show, don’t tell
  9. Awkward phrasing
  10. Commas

Read the whole thing to see examples and explanation.

HT: @PJ_Schreiner

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One thought on “Top 10 Writing Mistakes”

  1. ajginn says:

    The best way to improve your writing is to read it aloud to yourself. Better yet, have someone read it back to you. You’ll be amazed how phony your writing will sound when read aloud.

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