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7 thoughts on “A Man Who Has Saved 1,000 Babies”

  1. Joey E says:

    I’m honestly surprised he’s allowed to get that close.

  2. rcjr says:

    Thank you Justin for sharing this. Joey, it’s a public sidewalk in front. The building beside, with the wall John sits on, belongs to a pro-life friend who graciously allows John and others to sit there.

  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow, praise be to God

  4. Jenny says:

    I believe the last name is incorrect here – I believe its John Barros.

  5. Denny Dispennette says:

    What a great video and even greater work of God through John. I do believe this clinic was shutdown recently. See the video here
    Also I’m having trouble with the link to I’m not sure if it’s broken or if it is my device.

  6. Elle says:

    Although I respect the viewpoint of pro-lifers like John (even though I am not “pro-life” or “pro-choice” myself), I notice that those who fight the hardest against abortion and call themselves “pro-life” are the same people that support the war in Iraq and support the Israel’s killing of thousands of LIVE walking, breathing babies and children in Palestine. I am sure there are pro-lifers and good Christians who are against those things too, but I have noticed that the Church speaks FOR Israel even though they have unlawfully killed thousands upon thousands of children who have parents that love them and cherish them. All of these killings have been well-documented and recognized by the UN and other First World Western countries. How can someone be so concerned with a fetus and NOT be concerned with lives of children in countries that our government supports? Most pro-lifers I know have supported the Iraq war, which wasn’t a war but more of an invasion. And now our drones have killed hundreds of children in Afghanistan and other places around the world. Why isn’t the Church talking about ALL life instead of JUST unborn lives? It hurts my heart because I know how beautiful Christians are and how important that love and peace is to them and how giving their hearts are, but the more I see pro-lifers supporting the killings of innocent people (including other Christians) in other parts of the world, the more “pro-choice’ I become. I don’t mean to offend any individuals but point out the hypocrisy of many church leaders. I think the work John is doing is great, but it’s not the ONLY life that is important or worth saving.

  7. rcjr says:

    I’m afraid you may be painting with some rather broad brushed strokes, and in addition drawing some rather odd conclusions. First, not all Christians have supported what you have described. Those who do frustrate me even as they frustrate you. I, for one, have written and labored against unjust wars for many years. Second, that said, the numbers just don’t come close to matching up. That is, it is a tragedy whenever anyone dies innocently. I do not dispute that children have died in Palestine at the hands of wicked governments, or in Afghanistan. But, in American alone every year over 1.2 million babies are put to death by their mothers. Since 1973 that’s over 50 million babies. Finally, why in the world would perceived hypocrisy among Christians, for failing to consistently stand for all innocent life, push you to embrace the murder of some innocent life? That, frankly, is hypocrisy. “I’m upset about children in Palestine and Afghanistan, and because Christians are not as universally concerned as I think they should be, I will support the murder of unborn babies in America.” It’s not the babies’ fault that too many Christians support the death of other children.

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