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From Josh Moody of College Church in Wheaton, Illinois:

1. Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

2. Develop an Ear to Unbiblical Offenses

3. Understand What It Is about the Cross that Offends

4. Realize the Intellectual Shallowness of Most of the Critiques

5. Appreciate, but Don’t Overplay, the Moral Undertone

6. Understand the Rhetorical Power of Love

7. Have a Sanguine, but Realistic, Appreciation of the Limitations of Cultural Change

8. Understand What Is Truly (and What Is Not) Distinct about “Christianity”

9. Read Widely

10. Understand That Our Regular Hearers, Those We Preach to, Are Dealing with This on a Daily Basis Even if We Are Not

Go here to read a brief explanation of each.

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4 thoughts on “10 Suggestions for Engaging Our Culture with the Gospel”

  1. Luke Breuer says:

    “4. Realize the Intellectual Shallowness of Most of the Critiques”

    How often does the shallowness of the critique match the shallowness of what is being critiqued—at least the presentation of the thing that is being critiqued? For example, Hebrews 5:11-6:2 talks about the desire of the author to go on to deeper things in the faith, but his hearers not being ready for raw meat—they still needed spiritual milk. To what extent do we have a culture of Christians suckling milk, and atheists pointing that out?

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