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John Wilson:

Pardon me for quoting myself, but here is the way I started a book review for Christianity Today magazine in 2007: “Remember, you read it here first. N. D. Wilson (no relation, I hasten to add) is a name that will soon be widely known. He will write many books, Lord willing, in many genres for our instruction and delight. His first is Leepike Ridge (Random House).”

Six years later, and now in his mid-thirties, Wilson has already written a bunch of books, in several genres, not to mention a bit of screenwriting. His latest, Death by Living, is his second work of nonfiction and (so I think) his best book yet.

Read the whole review here.

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One thought on “Death by Living”

  1. Lynn Rutledge says:

    Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to read this. The video trailer is out if you’re interested:

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