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From Larry Eskridge’s CT review of Kate Bowler’s Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel (Oxford University PRess, 2013):

As the size and number of their congregations, TV ministries, and bestselling books confirm, the contemporary footprint of the American Prosperity Gospel is large, indeed. This buttresses Bowler’s larger argument that the Prosperity movement is no religious sideshow. Citing studies, Bowler shows that 17 percent of all American Christians openly identify with the movement; that every Sunday, over a million people attend Prosperity-oriented megachurches—43 percent of which boast multiethnic or multicultural congregations; and that two-thirds of all Christian believers are convinced that God, ultimately, wants them to prosper.

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3 thoughts on “The Contemporary Footprint of the American Prosperity “Gospel””

  1. Daryl Little says:

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, it’s worth noting that 100% of the purveyors of this insidious teaching, are Charismatic in their theology.
    Having grown up in largely Charismatic circles, I can attest that, at least from my experience, the connection is a logical and almost necessary one. Without Charismaticism, there would be no prosperity gospel.

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