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I could listen to Jeff Vanderstelt all day.

Some of his best teaching is on “gospel fluency”—which will eventually be a book published by Crossway, along with a book by Jeff on living as a community in Christ. In September 2013 he taught through the gospel fluency material at the Austin Stone Institute. This would be worth your time to watch.

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5 thoughts on “Jeff Vanderstelt on Gospel Fluency”

  1. ScotT says:

    Seriously, can we end the ridiculous fad of calling everything “Gospel (fill in the blank)”? It’s beyond the point of being silly.

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Well, when it’s talking about living in light of the gospel, probably not. I think there’s worse things to be upset about.

      1. ScotT says:

        Then call it “Living in Light of the Gospel.”

        And yes, there are far worse things to be upset about, but we don’t like talking about those, now do we?

      2. taco says:

        Justin, thanks for linking these.

    2. jcissell says:

      ScotT, did you listen to them? Jeff isn’t just jumping on a Gospel bandwagon. After you listen to him, you’ll know he is teaching what he lives out. It’s called Gospel Fluency because it means being fluent in the Gospel and how it impacts our everyday life. I think you’ll enjoy his teaching :)


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