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Here is a video lecture from Kevin Vanhoozer, asking ”What Are Theologians For? Why Doctors of the Church Prescribe Christian Doctrine.”

You can read a transcript of the lecture here.

Here are Vanhoozer’s seven concluding theses:

[First,] Doctrine tells us who God is and what God is doing in Christ. So, doctors of the church prescribe doctrine in order to preserve the integrity of our Christian witness.

Second, doctrine tells us who and what we are in Jesus Christ. And doctors of the church prescribe doctrine to preserve the integrity of Christian identity. We’re not like the other nations, we’re a holy nation, a people of a new covenant.

Third, doctrine says of what is in Christ that it is. Doctors of the church prescribe doctrine in order, as I’ve said, to minister reality—the only reliable tonic to the toxins of meaninglessness and nothingness.

Fourth, doctrine restores sinners to their senses. Doctors of the church prescribe doctrine to wake up people who are sleepwalking their way through life, helping us see with the eyes of the heart the bright contours of the splendors of God revealed in Christ.

Fifth, doctrine provides a fiduciary framework for understanding God, the world, and ourselves. And doctors of the church prescribe it to dissipate the mist of confusion and apathy about the meaning of life.

Sixth, doctrine directs the church in the way of wisdom, godliness, and human flourishing. If we prescribe doctrine, we’re clarifying the mission of the church and we’re answering another question, maybe for another time, what are the people of God for?

And seventhly, doctrine instructs not only the head, but orients the heart and guides the hand. Doctors of the church prescribe doctrine so that our faith, hope, and love, our credenda, spiranda, and agenda, will go with the grain of the Gospel and correspond to the historical and eschatological reality of what is in Christ.

So, in sum, theology sets forth in speech what is in Christ. And at its best, it’s the attempt to set forth in persons what Christ is like. That is, doctrine is for growing disciples. . . . I’m suggesting, then, that the pastor-theologian is the church’s primary care physician. Problem is, too many pastors have stopped doctoring.

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3 thoughts on “Vanhoozer: What Are Theologians For?”

  1. Eric F says:

    I am not sure that doctrine is such good medicine. It seems like the problem is in the final paragraph when it is says “At it’s best, it is an attempt….” If a doctor looks at me and says “you are dying and you need help try these things, they may kill you or they may give you life” then it is hit or miss…thus it is an attempt at helping me. Rather if it is any good LET THE DOCTOR TAKE HIS OWN MEDICINE FIRST and he lives then surely I will take it to. I will certainly examine the quality of his medicine in him first.

  2. Ray Ortlund says:

    Well said. Thank you.

  3. Job says:

    Nicely done.

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