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2 thoughts on “How to Make a Pro-Life Argument”

  1. Curt Day says:

    The SLED an acronym is very useful. However, some points should be made about the rest of the talk.

    As one who has hated arguing since before I was conceived, the goal of arguing, especially over a subject that is both delicate and volatile like abortion, should be to introduce dissonance, not to win. To make winning the goal is to put ourselves into positions where we feel pressured to not play within ourselves, as the sports analogy goes. We will try too hard and have fewer conversations. However, introducing dissonance allows for further discussions and has both an accumulative effect as well as allows the person to freely change their mind.

    Also, we should consider whether this tyranny of relativism is because we already know the tyranny of dogmatism. An analogy could be made to post-Soviet Union/pre US invasion of Afghanistan. Before the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance did. We should note that both terrorist groups. The rule of the Northern Alliance was so harsh that the Taliban were welcomed when they ousted the Northern Alliance.

    Either instead of or in addition to the film clip on the aftermath of abortion, I couldn’t look at it, we should have a time elapsed film showing the development of the embryo so that others might learn to identify with the unborn child. The lack of identifying with the unborn child is one of the chief emotional reasons for not resisting abortion.

    Finally, we need a multicultural pro-life movement. The current pro-life movement is primarily Republican and conservative Christian. And thus those who are neither republican nor conservative Christian are already ready to oppose us because of our other views. When I taught, I had a very liberal colleague who didn’t mind discussing abortion with me because of my Leftist politics. In other words, I was someone whom she regarded as being consistently pro-life. If we want to advance the pro-life cause, we to not only tolerate those with different political views, we need to aggressively recruit them for the cause. The homogeneous makeup of the pro-life movement is why I wrote the following post on my blog:

  2. Bob says:

    Sorry I turned it off when he gave himself kudo’s for working in concert with the Roman Church. I just disagree that biblical Christians would work with a system that we, and the reformers, paid such a huge price to oppose, because we believe their “religion” is totally opposed to scripture in terms of salvation.

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