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Ken Myers, host of Mars Hill Audio, delivered a series of lectures for the inaugural Art Week at Dallas Theological Seminary in October 2013 on creation, redemption, and the Christian imagination. You can see summaries and videos of the talks below.

“Creation and the Ordered Imagination”

One of the hallmarks of modern culture is the assumption that the natural world is bereft of order or meaning. All human meaning is thus the product of human creativity. The stuff of the material world—without form and void—is assigned significance ex nihilo, in accord with the sovereignty of human wills. By contrast, a Christian understanding of art and imagination begins with a confidence in the meaningful order of Creation, an order which survives the Fall and which is perceived by the collaboration of reason and imagination.

Message: “Incarnation and the Form of Human Meaning”

Among the earliest and most persistent Christian heresies was a denial that Christ was fully human. The mystery of the Incarnation—God taking human form—was even harder for many First Century pagans and Jews to accept than was the idea of forgiveness effected through a cross. The gnostic temptation has continued to plague the Church. In modern culture, it is evident in the common assumption that form and content can be neatly severed, and that abstract formulas of truth are superior to concrete expressions of reality. But what if the medium really is the message?

“Resurrection and the Promise of Glory”

Before Christ was raised from the dead, it would have been possible to believe that Creation was a lost cause, that sin had so undone God’s handiwork that death and horror were more powerful than life and its beauties. When the modern West abandoned its orientation in light of the Resurrection, it also became skeptical about the possibility of beauty. But the resurrection of the man Jesus Christ confirms God’s love for his Creation and the order he established within it. Our present delight in the reality of beauty within Creation anticipates our future delight in the new heavens and the new earth.

Q&A with Ken Myers

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