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In Andrew Wilson’s latest article in Christianity Today he shares that his two children have regressive autism and he helps us process through a theology of divine healing. Here is an excerpt that concisely summarizes the issue:

Why doesn’t God always heal?

He does, eventually.

Does God always heal us if we are certain he will?

Not necessarily.

Why not?

The effects of Christ’s victory over death aren’t fully realized yet.

Should we assume sickness is a gift from God?

No, unless, we’re prepared to stop taking medicine or visiting doctors.

How can we see more healing?

Pray, fast, believe, and persevere.

How should we pray?

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).


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3 thoughts on “A Theology of Healing in Six Questions”

  1. Hi Justin
    FYI Scott Blackwell takes a similar angle on healing in one of our recent books:
    Matthias Media

  2. Caleb Suko says:

    I couldn’t read the whole article because I don’t have a subscription to CT. However, I it seems to me that the answer to the last question on how to pray is missing something. Yes, I understand that we should pray for God’s will to be done but especially in the case of sickness it seems that there is a strong Biblical precedent for praying for healing. It’s difficult for me to see why he wouldn’t include praying for healing as part of the answer.

  3. John-Peter says:

    There certainly is a unique relationship between God answering our prayers, which he promises — You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it (John 14.14) — and understanding that God is God. He is still in control, and there is still a fallen element to this world.

    True, he wants to answer our prayers asked in faith, and is often grants them. But he is not a marionette whose promises are dancing from our strings. He is God and knows what we do not. And gives us abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.

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