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There are few people I respect and admire more than Dr. David S. Dockery, the 15th president of Trinity International University. He is the subject of a recent Festschrift, Convictional Civility: Engaging the Culture in the 21st Century, Essays in Honor of David S. Dockery (B&H, 2015)

We recently sat down for a conversation about the state of Christian higher education, the series he edits for Crossway, and his advice for future leaders.

Here are the books in the RCIT series published so far:

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One thought on “An Interview with David Dockery”

  1. Dougl Linder says:

    Hi Justin–
    Just came across this and thought it was a great interview and thanks for asking about donors–I thought his reply was helpful and I will pass it on to Rick Segal. God Bless, Doug

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