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On the Desiring God Ask Pastor John podcast, Tony Reinke asks New Testament scholar and Gospel Coalition president D. A. Carson the following questions:

[1] Generally speaking, what would you say to someone who came up and asked you for your initial thoughts about the SCOTUS ruling?

[2] Does this landmark ruling today mark a new era for the church in America?

[3] What would you say to Christians who feel angry and betrayed by the courts for this ruling?

[4] This ruling hit on Friday. Sunday’s coming. If you were preaching on Sunday. What text would you choose?

[5] Back to religious freedoms. What do you predict will be the fallout from this SCOTUS decision for religious freedom in America?

[6] Finally, you travel extensively. As the international community watches so-called same sex marriage become the law of the land in America, how is the international community viewing the United States right now? And especially from the global church?

You can listen below to the 18-minute audio:

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2 thoughts on “Audio FAQ with D. A. Carson on the Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision”

  1. Steve Prost says:

    To my ears, while I do not disagree with a

  2. Curt Day says:

    The missing question from the interview is this: How should Christians share society with others? When claiming a Christian heritage to our country, we imply a privileged place in society for Christianity. And when any group has a privileged position in society, other groups become marginalized. And we should note that Christianity’s privileged position in society did not rescue those who were marginalized because of race.

    Thus, urging people to speak and act in loving way is inadequate unless we address this issue of seeking to maintain a privileged position in society. Should we seek such a position in a loving a way? We will still marginalize others; it will just be in a kinder and gentler way according to Carson. Or should we not only speak and act in love, should we seek to share society with others, including those from the LGBT community, as equals? The latter seems to be more consistent with both The Constitution and the idea of loving our neighbors as ourselves.

    BTW, what Carson neglects to include when speaking about the Middle Eastern Muslim view of the U.S. is that their view of us is very much affected by American foreign policies. Those policies have included overthrowing gov’ts to install business friendly tyrants as well as having opportunistically supported people like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. It isn’t just our sexual morals that shapes the Middle East-Muslim view of America.

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