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Randy Alcorn talks to David Mathis here:

Here are some resources on battling depression and ministering to those who do:

For those in ministry, the writings by and about Charles Spurgeon on depression may be particularly valuable:

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4 thoughts on “Randy Alcorn Opens Up about His Depression”

  1. The video helped me to understand what I am going thru. It is not more than nine months, I am not motivated to do work. I easily snap at people around me.

    I loved what Randy said, the beautiful and encouraging words that we cherish from Spurgeon came from moments he was seeing God thru his depression. When I am down our does not mean God has deserted me.

    Thank you Justin for the post.

  2. Sally Petrrson says:

    There was no volume. :(

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Hmmm. Seems to work okay for me, Sally. Maybe try a different browser? Sorry!

  3. Barbara Hannum says:

    Having experienced depression at times, met intensely PPD after the complicated birth of my first-born and as a new believer, I appreciated Randy’s insights. With PPD, I definitely had a chemical imbalance that was corrected for about 5 months with medication I was then able to set aside, I fought the fight. Now, having been a believer for almost 30 years, I am blessed to enjoy a more mature faith and can appreciate Randy’s council. It’s so encouraging to know that God is with us, often even in a deeper sense, in the midst of our struggle and sorrow and is most certainly NOT done with us. Especially as our times here on the planet darken, His light, His grace shines brighter. His advice to continue to be in the Word and admit your struggles to trusted, prayerful friends is, I believe, KEY to coping with depression. Trusting God will use our struggles is also a great encouragement. Over the years, He has brought many women my way who were struggling with PPD. What I would have given back then to actually speak with someone who was dealing with it! It was a shameful thing that women didn’t speak of and the shame just deepened the pain. Praise God for accurate, biblical teaching that shines light into the darkness that the enemy means for evil! Ah, such sweet redemption of our locust fields!

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