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48 thoughts on “Brit Hume Delivers the Best 1.5 Minute Commentary on Abortion Ever Heard on Network News”

  1. Bravo Brit Hume! You have expressed with passion the real reason thatthe Planned Parenthood video matters. We Americans have stood by and allowed the slaughter of millions of innocent babies, and this ugly fact stares us in the face via the abortionists nonchalant description of murder.
    I want you to have your show back! No other Fox news host dares to speak this truth so boldly!

  2. Muriel says:

    well said Brit. We need more people who will speak up like you!!!

  3. betty Wooton says:

    Thank you, Brit

  4. Anonymous says:

    “…not just to living people but to the unborn…” Brit was so helpful, yet, unfortunately, even his final phrase perpetuates the understanding of the unborn as “not people” or “not really alive.”

    1. pastorjohn says:

      Yes, I caught that also. Very well said, and with passion, but unfortunate for the slip that the unborn person is still not really recognized as “living people.”

      Words have meaning and consequences.

    2. Joy hines says:

      Thank you for telling it like it is!
      Thank you sir for telling it like it is. God bless

    3. scragsma says:

      I noticed that too. Cheering for his great speech, then … “Oh, no! Did he really say that?”

    4. Aaron says:

      The aborted unborn were killed. We, unlike they, are still living. It’s safe to assume he just made a verbal slip-up. Give him a break.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I appreciate your charitable interpretation of Brit’s comment. My response was actually less about Brit and more about how I have a harder time believing the unaborted unborn are fully living people because of repeated exposure to “verbal slips” like this. Words impact me. I hope to not only critique, though. I also hope to adopt more helpful (truer) language alternatives.

    5. Shannon Gray says:

      When he says “unborn” he is referring to the lost lives due to abortion…. I understood him as anyone else with common sense would.

  5. Clayton says:

    Good video. Not the best 1.5 mins ever, though. I did want to encourage TGC editors to avoid using click-bait titles like this. The rhetoric of the title is shoddy at best, and it communicates that truth needs doctoring to be worth it.

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Thanks, Clayton. I don’t want to tamper with the truth or be sensationalistic. Can you think of a better 90-second commentary on abortion delivered on a mainstream network news program? I really meant what I said.

  6. The truth of the horror of abortion and the lies told to women is coming to light. Now it is time to do something about it. Find the abortion mill (Look in your phone book) in your town and stand there in prayer. Some women will change their mind if they know that there is help for them. Call your local pregnancy crisis center for more informaton. Thank you, Brit!

    1. Gloria says:

      EXCELLENT suggestion! Please join your local 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns which have been tremendously helpful in offering the love&support to vulnerable moms&babies. Be a ProLife Prayer Warrior!

  7. Well said Brit; keep speaking out about this horrific crime committed on the unborn human lives that matter.

  8. NW says:

    I have never not lived with this horror. It haunts me everyday and I pray for our nation that has allowed the slaughter of millions in the name of women’s rights. What about human rights? What was just a clump of cells or just “tissue” is now being recognized for what it really is…a human body. God have mercy on us.

  9. Lucy Di BugnarA says:

    God bless you for your opinion…I wish there were more journalists like you! Always enjoy you when you appear on FOX! I pray “Heavenly Father forgive us, for we know not what we are doing!”

  10. Jim Salhany says:

    Amen Brit. I hear your tears.

  11. Marcia says:

    Thank you Brit for saying what other networks don’t have the backbone tosay. This was sick. However l heard another video shows yet another Planned Parenthood female doctor sayings she wants to charge $75 for a part because, “It takes a lot of baby livers to buy a Lamborghini”! What in God’s name have we become as a nation?!?

  12. D Yach says:

    Mr Hume, you have taken a great risk by saying what you did and I thank you. We have become a nation that because of possibly knowing someone we care deeply about that has had an abortion, we are afraid to hurt them. We as a nation are taking live humans from a womb and killing them, violently and painfully. It is murder and they are the innocent. Shame on us all.

  13. Dave says:

    Too bad Brett referred to the babies as fetuses. Brit Got it right – Brett, not so much.

  14. Peggy Grogan says:

    My question to you is this: wouldn’t it be better for an unborn child to be aborted than to bring it into this world and torture, abuse and kill the little defenseless human? Just in the last few weeks, I have read about the horrible things parents and adults have done to little children. It is much more horrific than aborting it.

    1. scragsma says:

      Your question wouldn’t have merit even if we had any way of knowing which unborn children would have bad living conditions. But we don’t. And human life is always valuable. Abortion is always wrong. Killing is never a valid solution to anything.

    2. Jeri B. Miller says:

      In 1973, abortion was touted as the solution to unwanted pregnancies, abused children, poverty, etc. In the 43 years since then, there are more unwanted pregnancies, more abused children, more poverty, . . . . Abortion allows men to take no responsibility for their actions, children’s lives become valueless (because I should have aborted you). Abortion is NOT A SOLUTION.

    3. Karen says:

      No, Peggy, it is not better. Do research on what happens when a baby is aborted. It is horrific, inhumane, torture to the child who has as much of a sense of feeling as you or I. I believe that the result of our disregard for human life in the womb has resulted in a disregard for any human life outside the womb.

    4. David H says:

      Peggy, it occurs to me that a society that kills its unborn children and regards them as mere tissue to either be disposed of or profited from has created a mentality that places no value on these little lives to a degree that people commit the atrocities that you are concerned may happen if they are allowed to live. The culture of abortion for convenience and profit has degraded the value of life. Only the recognition and cessation of this incredibly moral evil will reverse the tide.

    5. Mary Fallon says:

      Peggy, I cannot comprehend how you can suggest its better to abort a baby by crushing it to death inutero then allowing that baby to be born. We cannot and must not play GOD.

    6. Lucia Hasbun says:

      Peggy, I don’t understand how tearing a baby in the womb into pieces is any less torturous than what the unfortunate children go through. I feel sorry for you for feeling like you do. I also seems like you believe that every child that is put up for adoption due to not being aborted is going to be murdered and totured by his or her parents.

      1. Theresa says:

        Lucia, most fetuses are not ‘torn apart in the womb into pieces’, nor are their brains functioning at a level which would make this torture if it were to happen. A fetus is not a baby, especially at 8 weeks post conception, at which time most women who will choose to have an abortion already have done so.

    7. Marilyn Weinrich says:

      That is not for us to decide. Those who are part of the destruction of defenseless human life will face the wrath of God in the hereafter. God bless Brit Hume for standing up against evil.

    8. judi lake says:

      Peggy, I ‘understand’ what you feel however it can never be ‘our place’ to decide to end a life… that is God’s job. I’m a mother of a 15 year-old and wish always she was born in another time but she wasn’t and in the case of parents we just have to have faith and do the best we can to give our children a strong foundation so they can face this hard world that we now have….

    9. Andrew Watson says:

      Peggy, should someone put a bullet in your (or my) head today to prevent worse suffering we may or may not endure tomorrow? it is the same question.

    10. Tiff says:

      My father would have been the aborted unwanted child who was abused while he brother was wanted, didn’t go through near the abuse my father did and my father had the better life (overall). There’s no way to judge what a person is capable of unless you give them a chance. Isn’t that why “life” is listed first in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? You can’t have the other two without the first.

    11. Becky bodnarchuk says:

      Respectfully Peggy, have you ever seen an abortion? Child abuse is reprehensible, however abortion is horrific, usually fatal, even if the babe survives the abortion for hours or longer, there are horrors only the magnificent grace of our great Maker and Master can overcome. But at least the living can overcome, these littlest martyrs wait for justice under G-D’s alter in Heaven, resting for the day they get justice.

  15. craig says:

    IF we as a nation can accept capitol punishment as constitutional, yet pass state laws that ban it – then why can’t states ban abortions using the same powers?

    1. Brenda says:

      Federal laws set the baseline, for which a state can not restrict. A state can have capitol punishment, but nothing cruel and unusual, for example. They can lighten the penalty but not increase it. But capitol punishment is NOT a human right, and you cannot make the comparison that abortion and capitol punishment are the same. Because with abortion, you’re restricting a woman’s right to medical care – and yes, this is not something you just ignore as an inconvenience. The state can only have a vested interest in the pregnancy once the fetus reaches viability.

      1. Becky bodnarchuk says:

        Brenda, thank you for your comment.
        His is a valid question.
        Federal law does set the baseline.
        States do work within the framework of the federal law. Some states have laws regulating capitol punishment, and some don’t allow it at all. And those laws ARE there specifically because of the human rights of all concerned.
        Craig didn’t say capitol punishment and abortion are the same. And his comparison is very logical. Both involve the deliberate taking of a human life.
        One is a person convicted of a crime. The other is an innocent teeny tiny human person, who hasn’t had a chance to take a breath much less do wrong. And that little one has no one looking out for their human rights.
        As an RN and a mom, I have great respect for Craig asking this question. Because we make reasonable regulations and restrictions on Capitol punishment, as a free, reasonable, civilized society should.
        Abortion is not necessary healthcare. Give me a sec. It is a necessary evil to regulate this service. And yes, I am pro life.
        We must have doctors trained to do the procedure, with reasonable regulations.
        Not all agree, and we need a real conversation in a free society.
        Partial birth abortion is not medically necessary, ever.
        And early abortions are less risky for moms. After 18 weeks the complications increase significantly for mom, but it’s easier to pick and choose the part of the babe to grab without damaging ‘valuable’ parts for selling.
        Federal and state and local governments have a vested interest in both the mom and the babe during a pregnancy, or should, from conception, whether womb or test tube, to tomb.
        Why? Our Declaration says it so well….The Almighty has endowed us with inalienable rights, to life….mom’s rights end at the babe’s.
        Very separate persons, even if they live close for 9 months.

    2. Becky bodnarchuk says:

      Great question!

  16. Terry McDermott says:

    America for Sale

    Body parts everywhere,
    Planned Parenthood doesn’t care.
    A killing machine beyond measure,
    Desecrating America’s treasure.
    “Every child a wanted child”,
    Code for truth that drives me wild.
    “Every unwanted child a dead child”,
    America needs to get riled.
    “Follow the money”, an old cliché,
    Unborn children continue to pay.
    Planned Parenthood fills it purse,
    All I see is a long, black hearse.
    Rivers of innocent blood tell the tale,
    American children are for sale.
    Planned Parenthood, the American scourge
    Beyond time for our nation to purge.
    The worst kind of evil is hidden in truth,
    Millions of children denied their youth.
    Planned Parenthood, a national disgrace,
    Sometimes God has a child’s face.

  17. Shannon Gray says:

    God Bless You, Brit Hume, thank you for speaking up against abortion. We need more people like you. I too, like many others, pray for the millions of unborn babies and that soon there will be an end to abortion. Thank you again, for speaking up and I know God has Blessed you Greatly for this! You should run for President, you’d be a Great Leader and would lead with God unlike the president we have now…. God Bless… God Bless!

  18. Theresa says:

    The face of God is weeping. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

  19. Bill Groomes says:

    Brit God is smiling! You spoke His heart, your heart and the moral majority’s heart.

    Exploitation endorsed, exemplified & exonerated! Yes doctor, please extract this growth, this inconvenient THING from within me and do as you will. Dissect it, dismember it and sell whatever parts that you deem of any value with immunity and impunity. My hands are clean and my conscience is clear! (I think frown emoticon — feeling ill all too long.)

  20. Anna E. Kekule says:

    Thank you Brit, I’m outraged , feeling sick to my stomach also on this problem and sinful actions taking place about these people who don’t have any moral value is life! What can we do to help stop this?

  21. Bob Kroepel says:

    I notice the rhetoric does not mention whether or not a woman has a right to choice inre the issue of her body.

    The rhetoric implies a woman either does not have or otherwise will not have a right to choose what to do with her body and the issues thereof and therefrom.

  22. GMJ says:

    We always had a strain of violent people among us before 1973 but after Roe vs. Wade we have become a nation of brutes and animals.

  23. K Davis says:

    Amen, Brit!!!!!!!

  24. Mary Molino says:

    God bless you, Brit Hume. You have said what every newsanchor and reporter on every news cast on every network and every newspaper should have said even before now. We are a sad nation when we allow babies to be tortured and murdered in the womb. God will surely exact a heavy price for this. God help us all!

  25. Donovan says:

    Brit Hume is a man of courage, integrity and true bravery.

    I really believe that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing attention to this urgent matter.

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