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Adam Francisco (who has a Ph.D. in Islamic-Christian relations from Oxford University) is professor of history at Concordia University in Irvine, California.

His work on the history of Islam is nuanced and informed. As one online bio notes, “He has a unique ability to see and understand both the difficulties facing Christians who wish to evangelize their Muslim friends and the Muslims who are being asked to come to Christ. Many of his unique insights come from personal experiences sharing his faith with Muslims.”

To get a taste, see the first couple of videos produced by Modern Reformation below, which provide some brief historical background.

If that whets your appetite, you can view four lectures he gave at Faith Lutheran Church in Capistrano Beach, California, on

  1. The Muslim Worldview
  2. Islamic Theology: Part 1
  3. Islamic Theology: Part 2
  4. Islam in America

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5 thoughts on “A Crash Course on the Muslim Worldview and Islamic Theology”

  1. Hugh McCann says:

    The only hope is such groups as this coalition that renounces sharia and denounces jihad:

  2. Martin says:

    Thanks for the link, Hugh.

  3. Marie Salem says:

    I would like to suggest several action points.

    1. Pray. More Muslims have come to faith in the last 30 years than all of history combined. As Muslims see the real face of Islam through jihad, they are faced with doubts and concerns in addition to persecution. This is a tremendous opportunity for sharing the Gospel.

    2. Share the Gospel. If you are unsure how, Crescent Project’s Bridges DVD series will lead you through how to engage Muslims in spiritual discussions and ways to share the Gospel. You can start by greeting a Muslim in a grocery store or visiting a Middle Eastern restaurant. From there, build a relationship and share your life, your faith, the Jesus Film, the Bible in their language, your testimony, and of course invite them to believe in the Gospel. It may take weeks or years, but the harvest is white.

    3. Give. Give to Chrisitan organizations countering Islamic narratives. Give to missionaries. There is one missionary for every 500,000 Muslim. Give to former Muslims who have dedicated their lives, despite persecution, to sharing Christ. Give to missionaries here on America welcoming refugees.

  4. Marie Salem says:

    @ Hugh, our only hope is Jesus. Redefining Islam may alleviate some social problems in the short-term, but it does not affect eternity. Muslims need to hear the good news of Jesus the Messiah who loves them so much died for their sins.

  5. Ben Curtis says:

    Are his lecture notes (class handouts) available in PDF format? We are thinking about showing this series at our church.

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