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Watch Monty Williams, the 44-year-old associate head coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, bring the gospel to bear on the “loss” of his beloved wife, Ingrid:

For a reflection on Williams’ remarks, see Marshall Segal’s “What Would You Say If Your Wife Was Ripped Away?

Below is the video of Monty Williams being interview after he was fired last year as the head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans:

May the Lord make each of us more like this man: even when hurt and in deep pain, he is fixed on God-centered hope, with an eternal perspective, freely offering forgiveness and freed from bitterness and complaint.

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One thought on “Monty Williams’ Gospel-Centered Eulogy at His Wife’s Funeral”

  1. Biblesumo says:

    I truly believe that ‘you are never more like God than when you forgive.” In his eulogy, he expressed no ill-will toward the other driver. I think that’s what resonated the most to the unbelieving world. To see even sports shows and commentators pause to take notice is truly amazing.

    Thankful that our brother in Christ proclaimed Christ, and prayers for the Williams family as they grieve this tragic loss and as the three children recover from their serious bodily injuries.

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