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TNT’s Ernie Johnson:

If you don’t know who Ernie Johnson is, this will explain a lot.

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30 thoughts on “The Best Two Minutes You’ll Hear on TV All Year about the Presidential Election”

  1. Denny says:

    Thank you.

    1. William Daniel says:

      He is mostly correct, the one area he misses is that the Greatest Commandment says that the first aspect is to “love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and spirit; and love your neighbor as yourself ” when can love others when we love God first! The problem comes when we try and love other first when we are not loving God first and foremost as a Christian!!

  2. Tim Hiatt says:

    What happened to Love your God, Is that not the Greatest?

  3. Evelyn Krein says:

    Right on! Thanks

  4. Priscilla Jones says:

    Thank you for echoing my thoughts. Although, I did choose Donald Trump as President and not a third candidate it was because I didn’t want Hillary and her corruption to win. God Bless you as Jesus guides us everyday.

  5. Ed Richards says:

    I like your message I hope that those who need it most will hear it loudest. I suspect you will have sore knees before we get through this.

  6. Esther Blanci says:

    Maybe this is the year of rejuvenation, wherein the leadership is within us the people. The American people.

  7. Tom Sporman says:

    I resonate to with your feelings, thoughts, reflection(s).
    My guestion…..why did it take so long to share/express this attitude? Our faith in Jesus Christ also gives one not only moral conviction; but also physical courage. Peace

  8. Debbie Soares says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes we have to pray, but its not just Trump, its all of mankind. Foreign leaders are afraid, and some encouraged to do as they will, Americans, who hate the president-elect, those supporters that are triumphant to the point of following through on his rhetoric Pray to remove the hate and racism from our country and the world. Pray that every soul will give of themselves to those in need, who have less than we do. Open our hearts, and country to those that are suffering. Its a lot to pray for. Evangelicals should be leading a circle of prayer along with us. Hopefully, they will see the light, and not just what they want.

  9. Nancy T says:

    Thanks. I can share this with so many and bridge the gap with the ones who have been so devastated these last several months, weeks and days God bless and thank you for sharing.

  10. Pete says:

    Spot on. Could not have sad it better. Thank you Ernie Johnson!


  12. Randy Vader says:

    Amen! I want to live nextdoor to you!!!

  13. Lillie Johnson says:


  14. Geramsey says:

    Gray. We need to make good choices. And know why. He should be fillid that. The lord himself decided this election..

  15. Sandi says:

    I agreen except for the fact that he wasted his vote on an impossible candidate…
    I voted against hillary, I am hopeful also about Trump’s stance now. I believe he is a businessman NOT a politician and w good, honest advisors he may be the next REAGAN type that this country sorely needs.

  16. Patricia Richard says:

    I agree with all of what you said, but I believe as those marching today in “fear” was exactly what those that elected DT felt. That is fear that christianity was going by the wayside in this country, that respect for our men in blue was going by the wayside, that we had a president that didn’t care what the conservatives in this country feel. It was a personal feeling that liberalism was being not fed but crammed down my throat. I am a moderate conservative so I can only imagine what the staunch conservatives were feelng. All people need to be heard and our country should be moderate not swing so far left or right that it leaves such a large number of people out. So I do understand the fear all to well as I have felt it for the last 8 years.

  17. Dudley Dowrong says:

    Very nicely said.

  18. Julie Skoumidas says:

    From a Canadian…God bless you Mr. Johnson… ” If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray… ” and you know the rest. I’m sure. Prayer does move the Hand of God. Blessings to you and your family.

  19. Jo Block says:

    I want to show this to others but it says you have to have permission. Best 2 minutes and says so much. Thanks

  20. My thoughts exactly! I am now officially an Ernie Johnson fan! (Does that mean I have to watch the NBA now?) It’s also nice to know that someone else voted for Kasich! It’s sad more Christians didn’t get behind him. I think he would have done a great job. But we are also hopeful that perhaps a kinder, gentler Trump is coming. We’re certainly praying to that end!

  21. Jodiann says:

    Thank you for you honest and open sharing may God Bless you in yours steps and guide you. I also pray for our country and our President and our Administration no matter who it is, even our men and woman it is so important that we place that spiritual protection around them. God does this I believe on his own but he wants us to acknowledge through faith that he can and will. Because it is by hearing the word of God and reminding him of his promises that moves the mustard seed ;)

    I truly believe this Yes Mr. President Elect Donald J Trump is called into this position by God not by man, the reason I say this is because of the information I hold within my very own hands, that God has revealed to me. Though there would be some that will not believe because like you said faith is ones own choosing and that true. Some can not see the things of God. For he does reveal his true in a lot of signs and wonders around us it is a matter of are we open to seeing them? Even on the night of the elections, God was moving.

    For those that want to see the pictures of what God has shown me you can go to my face-book page and look it is Jodiann Macklin and eventually I will compile it all into a presentation. For all, God is still showing things through these pictures, they are just confirmations from prayer that Donald Trump had over a year ago and I have proof with the still shots showing while the pastors were all praying God was saying “Yes. I AM Here and By my Will”.

    I think those who see these pictures will be amazed and I pray that Mr. President Elect Trump sees them and gets in touch with me I have much to explain to him. If you look at my page I hope you enjoy the research and share it. Thank you and God Bless

  22. Craig Bevan says:

    Awesome Ernie. I couldn’t agree more. Keep praying.

  23. The example of Jesus is the only example to follow. He could have “voted” or commented on Herod’s successor, Archeleus Herod; or sided with the Jews against Pilate the Roman governor of Judea..He neither commented for or against a government that he told Daniel was an “abomination”. When he was confronted with stating his opinion, he simply stated give to the secular governments whatever they ask of you; so long as whatever they ask isn’t in conflict with my own requirements.

    Herod and Pilate were guided by Satan, the ruler of this world. God doesn’t install evil leaders for any purpose. These evil leaders are installed by the sinful humanity, themselves, the result of their own evil practices, and which practices they would like to be seen practiced by their leaders.
    President Obama was as much the reflection of those who voted for him as Donald Trump is the reflection of those who voted for him.
    Be as Citizen Jesus, the true example of his remnant; give Caesar what is Caesar’s.
    God’s only desire for us, the remnant, is to give God what is God’s; and that is; to love Donald Trump as we love ourselves and to love Hillary Clinton as we love ourselves. IF YOU find yourself unable to love the one or the other or unable to neither, you are not of the remnant.

    Voting for the one or the other! Again; follow the advice of the best citizen that ever lived. “Let the dead, bury the dead”. Those who are in the majority will always make the decision for the minority. It is impossible for the remnant of the Lord to ever elect a “government of the Lord”. They can’t! They are the remnant of the society by definition; and are designed by God, so to be.

  24. Janice says:

    Thank you Mr. Johnson. As a fellow believer I could not have said it better.

  25. Jeff says:

    There has been more prayer for this election than for any I can remember. Where there is prayer, where there is unity and love, forgiveness, and grace within the body of Christ, where there is self evaluation and repentence for ourselves and our nation, there is revival. This is my prayer. That what Donald trump says he wants to do in rebuilding America, the church will be committed to rebuilding America Spiritually, and bringing revival, and bringing in a Heavenly Kingdom on this earth. This is not resulting from the election and work of a President Trump (or a President Clinton) but something Parallel to it. We were so focused on the Presidential candidates that we didn’t look closely enough at the church during this election. America for better or worse choose Donald Trump to put the nation on the right track. I think God is calling his church to do the same. I am not disappointed at who is in the white house. I am encouraged about God’s templ Christ’s body and the work it will be doing. Trump said the election wasn’t the end but the beginning. I think God is saying the same thing to us. Thank you so much for your comments and perspectives, but your perspective on God. Whatever Donald Trump is or isn’t. God is God and he still has his eyes on our nation and His people here. I pray we don’t disappoint him.

  26. My aunt sent me a link to this post/video because she knew I shared a similar view as Ernie’s. In fact, I wrote-in John Kasich as well. Here are my fuller thoughts on the topic if you’re interested:

  27. Gloria Robertson says:

    Right. This was the best two minutes this year regarding the election.

  28. Sandy Magnuson says:

    I appreciate, and agree with many of your comments. I am among the people who are terrified. I believe we need to put feet to our prayers by having courageous conversations, and claiming the example of Jesus as the right one to follow. Ironically, we don’t all agree about what that example was, and what behaviors are in accordance with His.

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