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An Outstanding Introduction to Biblical Theology

May 11, 2017 | Justin Taylor

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Steve Wellum makes the case for “progressive covenantalism,” distinct from both Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism. In short, he seeks to show that the Scriptures present a plurality of covenants that progressively reveal our triune God’s one redemptive plan for his one people which reach their fulfillment, telos, and terminus in Christ and the new covenant.

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12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

Apr 13, 2017 | Justin Taylor

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A creative video introducing Tony Reinke’s incredibly wise and perceptive new book.

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Jacques Barzun’s 20 Principles for Simple and Direct Writing

Apr 04, 2017 | Justin Taylor


An outline from the late, great historian Jacques Barzun.

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Reading the Book Acknowledgments

Mar 27, 2017 | Justin Taylor

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I can’t imagine not reading the acknowledgments in a book. Here are some that made me smile and others that made me feel guilty—along with John Piper’s new meditation on what gratitude feels like entering his eighth decade.

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But What’s So Wrong about Burning Out for Jesus?

Mar 20, 2017 | Justin Taylor


In our burnout culture, how can men push the “reset” button on their life and ministry to find the pace to finish the race? I sat down with David Murray to ask him a few questions.

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An FAQ on Shaping Your Ministry Culture Around Disciple-Making

Mar 16, 2017 | Justin Taylor


(1) Why make disciples? (2) What is a disciple? (3) How are disciples made? (4) Who makes disciples? (5) Where are we to make disciples?

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An Analysis of One of the Greatest Sentences Ever Written

Mar 09, 2017 | Justin Taylor

st augustine

Peter Kreeft looks at Augustine’s most famous line, which happens to be the theme of life itself. “Our homelessness, our alienation, our misery, our confusion, our lover’s quarrel with the world—this is our greatest blessing, next to God Himself.”

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Writing with Flannery O’Connor: A Six-Week Course

Mar 08, 2017 | Justin Taylor

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Learn from an expert not how to write “like” Flannery O’Connor but how to learn to write with her as a guide.

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A Better Story: God, Sex, and Human Flourishing

Feb 27, 2017 | Justin Taylor


Sam Allberry calls this the best book on the subject he has ever read. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter summary.

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Jacques Barzun’s 10-Point Checklist for Revising Your Prose

Feb 24, 2017 | Justin Taylor


Historian Jacques Barzun (1907-2012) provides a set of questions that must be answered before you consider your written work final and ready for submission or publication.

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Finding God in My Loneliness: A Conversation with Lydia Brownback

Feb 14, 2017 | Justin Taylor

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.26.07 AM

I sat down with Lydia Brownback to talk about her new book and why loneliness is not just an issue for single people but for all of us.

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A Woman of Whom the World Was Not Worthy: Helen Roseveare (1925-2016)

Dec 07, 2016 | Justin Taylor


The death of an English medical missionary who served in the Congo for several decades, changing the lives of tens of thousands of Africans and also enduring unimaginable horrors.

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Trying to Think through the Logic of Abortion Rights

Nov 23, 2016 | Justin Taylor

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Is a fetus a person and can we know it? A philosopher looks at four logical possibilities when it comes to abortion. Another philosopher looks at six possible rationalizations to get around the belief that it is wrong to deliberately take an innocent human life. Finally, we look at an objection that making abortion illegal would cause mothers to be imprisoned.

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The Burial Place of Jesus Exposed for the First Time in Centuries: An Interview on What It Originally Looked Like and How We Know This Is the Right Location

Oct 27, 2016 | Justin Taylor

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.48.58 AM

National Geographic reports that scientists have exposed the original surface of what is traditionally considered the tomb of Jesus Christ. But what did the tomb originally look like, and how do we know for sure this is the right spot? I pose these questions to the world’s leading expert on the ancient archaeology and architecture of Jerusalem.

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An Evening with C.S. Lewis

Oct 25, 2016 | Justin Taylor

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A one-man show by British actor David Payne creatively presents C.S. Lewis as a man and thinker.

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