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One God. We worship one, personal, knowable, holy God. There are not two gods or ten gods or ten million gods, only one. He has always been and will always be. He is not a product of our mind or imagination. He really exists and we can know him because he has spoken to us in his word.

Two kinds of being. We are not gods. God is not found in the trees or the wind or in us. He created the universe and cares for all that he has made, but he is distinct from his creation. The story of the world is not about being released from the illusion of our existence or discovering the god within. The story is about God, the people he made, and how the creatures can learn to delight in, trust in, and obey their Creator.

Three persons. The one God exists eternally in three persons. The Father is God. The Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, is God. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father and the Son, is also God. And yet these three—equal in glory, rank, and power—are three persons. The doctrine of the Trinity helps explain how there can be true unity and diversity in our world. It also shows that our God is a relational God.

For us. Something happened in history that changed the world. The Son of God came into the world as a man, perfectly obeyed his Father, fulfilled Israel’s purpose, succeeded where Adam failed, and began the process of reversing the curse. Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world. He rose again from the dead on the third day. By faith in him our sins can be forgiven and we can be assured of living forever with God and one day being raised from the dead like Christ.

Obviously, this doesn’t say everything that needs to be said about the Bible or Christianity. But I find it to be a helpful way to get a handle on some of the most important distinctives of a Christian worldview. Feel free to steal it and use it for yourself. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

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27 thoughts on “How To Articulate a Christian Worldview in Four Easy Steps”

  1. JackW says:

    Kevin DeYoung gives license to steal … and I like it!

  2. Don Sartain says:

    Haha, wow. I think that boiled down three chapters on doctrine to one blog post. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  3. Bob says:

    Sweet job, Kevin
    Four Him!

  4. Great synopsis, Kevin.

    All these points are vital. Point #2 is very relevant. The Creator/Creation distinction is very blurry in the minds of most these days.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Nicely done, Kevin. The only quibble is that in “for” you introduce the concept of sin — which obviously needs to be included in a Christian view of the world — but it kind of feels “slipped in.” Again, I have no problem with it; it needs to be there…..but, seems a bit odd to introduce such a huge, foundational concept, sort of obliquely.

  6. jun says:

    Beautiful post and probably a good material for evangelistic tract.

  7. GLW Johnson says:

    Does the email listed on your church web for you still work?

  8. Glen S says:

    Thanks Kevin,

    You inspired me to have a go at my own: 3-2-1

  9. Thanks for the invitation to steal it; I did and it is posted on my blog. Great, concise content. Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  10. Bernard says:

    I feel there is a problem with Two. It currently says “We are not gods.” But Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34-35 say otherwise. Our difference to God is not so much one of substance as one of scale. We know a little, he knows everything; we have a little power, he is all-powerful and so on. I think Two in its current form lets this four-step worldview down. I also agree with the comment above about sin feeling somewhat slipped in.

    One of the comments above links to a terrific 3-2-1 outline inspired by your post. It does the same job as your scheme while avoiding the objections above. (One man sows, the other man reaps but God gives the growth?) BTW ever since your thousandth post I’ve been meaning to say that I’m looking forward to the next thousand.

  11. paul dare says:

    Love this! LOVE big picture, metanarrative stuff. Have you read Colin Smith booklet The Plan? Very good summary of the big 66!

  12. A friend sent me the link to this post. I love it! Thanks.

  13. Washington Araujo says:

    Muito bom! Louvado seja Deus!!!

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