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Pure Michigan. That’s what we are enjoying here in the middle of the mitten state. We got our first winter storm of the season Tuesday night. We had a lot of this from later afternoon into the early morning.

It was cold. The wind was piercing. The roads were dangerous. But you knew that on the other side of the fury and flurry there would be beauty and joy. The kids went to bed with dreams of a snow day dancing in their heads. My second son woke up at 4:30 in the morning to ask me if his older brother had the day off of school I said, “No word yet.” He went back to back, disappointed, but hoping.

My wife and I were hoping too. When I was a child I figured only kids liked snow days. But now I know parents and teachers are just as thrilled. No need to get up early. No lunch to pack. Nowhere to take the kids. The little ones will be ecstatic. They’ll be  throwing snow balls and making forts. The older ones will welcome the day off. Everyone wishes for a snow day. Everyone cheers its arrival–especially the unexpected blanket of mirth in November.

We got the word around 6:00–no school. A day for rest. A day for play. A day together. A day where everything dying gets covered in white and everything beautiful sparkles.

If you aren’t from around here, you might not understand the title of this post. But trust me, heaven has to be like the best snow day ever. In midst of darkness, in the midst of cold and gloom, in the midst of danger and foreboding skies, you hope and hope. You wonder if tomorrow might be the day. You wonder if it might all be worth it. You wonder if you’ll wake up to hear happy news. You wonder if tomorrow is your snow day. And when it comes, you will play and sing and spend your hours among angels.

To all who are crestfallen, brokenhearted, afraid, or alone, take heart: winter may last for the night, but a snow day comes in the morning.

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20 thoughts on “Heaven is Your Snow Day”

  1. Kim says:


  2. hayden says:

    I hope it is like a snow day, just warmer. (This coming from a guy in Florida)

  3. Kim says:

    When we were homeschooling, we had snow days when the public schools did so that the kids could play with their friends all day. And not having to pack lunches? Well, that is a piece of heaven.

  4. Daniel Henderson says:

    That looks like so much fun, we haven’t got our snow day in Gatineau, Quebec yet. Here hoping for out taste of heaven ;)

    PS. Kevin, I see your daughter is a Paul Frank fan as well

  5. Kevin DeYoung says:

    The girl is actually our neighbor. But I’ll try to pass on the word about Paul Frank. I hope you get some snow up in Quebec.

  6. ooo those picture reminds me all too well of all the fun blizzards we had in upstate NY, haven’t had any snow yet down here in Charlotte, NC :) Enjoy it!

  7. Ken Kuiper says:

    Kevin — you nailed it again. Nothing better than a “snow day” and Heaven surely must be like it!

  8. MSGT jimmie Hollis USAF/RET says:

    Having lived in Oscoda, Michigan for many years, upon Lake Huron, I love snow and the winter season. Living in New Jersey now is bland…so these photos brings back joyous memories of my time in Oscoda….LOVE IT…..

  9. Brad Gouwens says:

    Really wonderful post Kevin. I am from Chicago and the truth and anticipation of a snow day is just like our anticipation of heaven.

  10. Diane Boucher says:

    This is my new favorite blog post…. Snow and heaven all rolled into one!! I live in Virginia..I’m probably the only one in the state who prays for snow… And when it does snow? I love the pure whiteness of it.. Hushingly beautiful; what I imagine heaven to be like. On the rare snowy days in Virginia I ponder on this scripture from Isaiah 1:18 (NIV):
    “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”
    Enjoy your snow day!!! I pray for one to come soon in Virginia

  11. Diane Boucher says:

    Hushingly beautiful, not gushingly… Silly auto correct!

  12. Darrin says:

    “I see that grace groweth best in winter.”
    -Samuel Rutherford
    Yet as God works in us through the cold conditions of body and soul, we do indeed look to the hope of Spring, whence His warmth will ultimately surround us. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Jessica says:

    I love everything about this. Everything.

  14. Jacob says:

    I’m originally from Michigan- fortunately, I haven’t had to miss any of the white joy falling from the sky, as my wife and I now live in Northern Wisconsin.
    May I learn to anticipate and rejoice in the thought of Heaven a thousand times how much I enjoy snow.

  15. Ryan Howard says:

    Thanks Kevin, from California. I visited my 95 year old (96 on 12/3) grandmother last night, as she was finally giving in, after more than a dozen years battling Alzheimers.
    This morning I awoke to the call that she had breathed her last, and was indeed enjoying the ultimate snow day in the presence of her Lord and Savior. Celebrating, that for her, the suffering has ended, and the snow will never melt!

  16. Noah says:

    All of this snow day/heaven comparison and no allusion to snow angels?

  17. Jim Urish says:

    GREAT post, Kevin! Reminds me of our days in Wyoming. Abbie will tell you that she NEVER had a snow day in Lander. Tough folks there. But the snow would come and we would build snow forts and snow men. Thanks for the memories and well written, too!

  18. kld says:

    I just love this. Beautiful pictures, wonderful words.
    Thank you

  19. Chris 'from Canada' Vieira says:


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