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Even bloggers need a break once in awhile.

To that end, I’ve asked my good friend, Jason Helopoulos, to do some guest blogging for me over the next two weeks. Jason is the pastor of Providence PCA, a church plant here in East Lansing. He’ll blog the second half of this week and the second half of next week. The blogs may still be listed under my name (if I can’t figure out how to change that), but Jason will include his name at the top of the post itself if he is writing.

Jason has agreed to help me out from time to time this year when I’m on vacation or out of town. He is a godly man and a good thinker. You’ll benefit from his posts.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Jason Helopoulos”

  1. you could do much worse, Kevin! Hello, Jason!

  2. Tom Hester says:

    Good morning. I just finished reading your excellent writing on Wives with Unbelieving husbands. There is a situation in my family where the reverse is true: a believing husband with an unbelieving wife.

  3. Scott Cullen says:

    I thought about prayer like this until I noticed that praying for God to change circumstances (parking spot, physical health, job, finances etc) is common in the OT, less frequent in the Gospels and rare in the Epistles. I read the Puritan classic “Valley of Vision” and saw prayer for our reaction to circumstances, but not prayer for the circumstances themselves to change. Jesus came to save us from our sin, not our circumstances. The Jewish establishment of the first century assumed the Messiah would save them from their circumstances (Roman rule) and crucified Jesus because he claimed to be a Messiah that came to save them from themselves. He said his kingdom was not of this world. This is why I think God glorifying prayer, New Covenant prayer if you will, is not for change of circumstances, but for the grace to see things from Gods perspective as our hearts are changed by the Gospel.

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