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Starting tomorrow I’ll be running a series of posts about homosexuality and the RCA. For those outside the Reformed Church in America (and that’s almost all of you), you may not understand all the issues and historical events at first. But you’ll see the issues at stake pretty quickly.

For those in the RCA I am posting this series for a couple reasons. (1) Many classes (think: presbyteries) will be voting on overtures in the coming weeks. My classis will vote on overtures next Tuesday. I hope this series will persuade RCA pastors and elders to approve strong overtures that can make their way to the General Synod this summer. (2) People in the RCA need to know what is going on in their denomination and see the need for a faithful response. Reading these posts will be uncomfortable  at times. I imagine, they will make folks upset for various reasons. But staring at the truth will help us all in the long run.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday – Homosexuality and the RCA: A Call for Action, Consistency, and Faithfulness (Part 1)
Wednesday – Homosexuality and the RCA: A Call for Action, Consistency, and Faithfulness (Part 2)
Thursday – An Overture Regarding Homosexuality and the RCA
Friday – Does the Heidelberg Catechism Have Anything to Say About Homosexuality?

One final note: as you may recall, I am traveling overseas at the moment. I didn’t want to post this series while I was gone, but this was the best time to lead up to the vote by our classis (which I will miss). Being out of town, I will not be able to do much to monitor the comments on these posts. I have someone from the church helping to check the comments for me and see if things get out of control. Please be respectful with your agreements or disagreements. I will turn off the comments if they veer off into the inappropriate or become a distraction from the posts themselves.

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12 thoughts on “A Series on Homosexuality and the RCA”

  1. Brian Jones says:

    This is going to be timely. With good friends in the RCA I am hoping they’ll take the lead in forging a clear, gospel-centered response. Hopefully your articles will lend a voice to their preparations this week and next.

  2. Luis Betancourt says:

    Thank you Pastor. This will be a great help for us to be informed in this matter. I’ll be praying for you and your ministry this week. Thank you for serving the body of Christ this way. Blessings from MD

  3. when first reformING we ended up in an RCA church. With the permission of women in roles only permitted form men, biblically, we saw the slippery slope and decided to leave for a more orthodox reformed fellowship. This saddens me that it even needs to be discussed as I respect and love Pastor DeYoung’s writings and hope God will use his voice as a clarion call for the RCA to come back to God’s Word and fidelity to it. If not, I would hope faithful pastors will see it as furthering down the slope of apostacy and come out from among them and join more faithful denoms and/or fellowships. May God be merciful to the RCA and give them eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to respond.

  4. Matt Herron says:

    Well Said Kevin! Especially about the comment section. I pray for wisdom and guidance for the RCA during this time and critical vote.

  5. Kevin I like what you said here “2) People in the RCA need to know what is going on in their denomination and see the need for a faithful response.” I have found in conversations in the past, people are not even aware of what is going on? They follow blindly. We need to be knowledgeable, first in the Word, then in what is going on within our church or denomination. It helps with accountability.

  6. DA says:

    Glad to see you’re taking this on, Kevin. A long time in coming, but probably too little, too late for the RCA. Endorsing homosexuality as a biblical lifestyle will just be a natural progression for the RCA following the egalitarian movement already adopted. The arguments I’ve heard are already the same for both issues.

    As far as Classis goes, like the pastor who stood up during the Belhar discussion at SGR Classis and stated anyone against the Belhar was a racist, I’m sure there will be plenty of similar comments at the next Classis regarding this subject. And of course, there are always the loud “few” at Classis that control the dialogue and then quickly “call for the vote” to squelch any dissenters. Too bad you’ll miss it.

    At least your comment section here will be 300+ for the rest of the week.

  7. Jeff Kerr says:

    Looking forward to this series. I’m now a PCA pastor but I grew up in an RCA church. So, I have some interest here. Glad you’re willing to talk about this.

  8. Josh Blunt says:

    Thanks for this, Kevin. I will read with interest, and will also be present at the meeting to speak for the overture. I agre wholeheartedly with these efforts, and Pray that God can create a way to save a remnant from this fellowship. As someone who has recently picked my head up out of the furrow and started searching for preaching positions in healthy churches, I have been very discouraged about the RCA. Maybe I need to talk to Jeff Kerr… To DA, I don’t think the climate for this will be as mixed at SGR as it was for the Belhar. Some of us – myself, included, were less awake and aware that time around. I think there will be much direct opposition to this overture; perhaps just indirect attempts at procedural derailment. It will most likely pass.

  9. Josh Blunt says:

    Sorry – that last line should have read “I DON’T think there will be much direct opposition to this overture; perhaps just indict attempts at procedural derailment.”

  10. Jeff Kerr says:


    If you’d like to chat, I’m always up for that. My email is jeffreyrkerr at gmail dot com.

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