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This song says what we’ve all been feeling for more than a decade. Thanks BoE. I know nothing else about your band, but you’ve done a great service for a lot of young men with this single. Speaking truth to power!

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Humor”

  1. Steph says:

    This is fantastic. My high school students love the newer movies and can’t understand why I hate them so much. Thanks for a mid-week smile!

  2. Nate Archer says:

    It’s true, the old Ewok song was way better.

    The poor kids these days are growing up not knowing any better… it’s sad.


    Oh, too awesome. *I* grew up with the REAL versions, so it’s not just Mom and Dad who are getting mad about Star Wars.

  4. As for the prequels, I would recommend watching them with Rifftrax to ease the pain, but sadly I can’t give Rifftrax my whole-hearted endorsement because they feel a need to resort to coarse humor with some frequency, even though they’re capable of great clean humor too. However, they do provide some classic laughs.

  5. Bob says:

    If you watch them in a different (and thus better order) it makes for a more interesting movie series. The order should be IV, V, II, III VI. This keeps the suprise twist in V from being ruined by II and III and also increases the “going to the darkside” parrallels in III and VI. It actually makes Lukes possible darkside turn more believable because their aere quite a few parallels in those two movies that really jump out if you watch it in that order. (Yes, I left out Episode one, because it is pointless and an aweful movie. You miss nothing by not watching it (except for maybe understanding why anakin returns to tatooine and kills a bunch of people in II)

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