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We have an employment opportunity at University Reformed Church. If you are interested in this position, please submit an application and resume by May 21.

1. Description of Position

The Director of Operations is responsible for managing, coordinating and overseeing the daily operations of University Reformed Church (URC). Broadly, responsibilities include (1) day-to-day administration and management of church operations and (2) participating with URC leadership, especially the Senior Pastor and Executive Committee, in developing and executing strategic initiatives for URC.

Please click here to view a more thorough description of job duties.

The Director of Operations should be a member, or willing to become a member, of University Reformed Church. The Director is also expected to participate in a URC Small Group, as well as attend Sunday services at URC.

2. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The qualified candidate for Director of Operations is a mature, sincere, godly believer in Jesus Christ. This person should meet the qualifications for elder laid out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. The Director will be in general agreement with the system of doctrine taught in the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dort, and will have a complementarian understanding of gender roles. This person will be in agreement with URC’s statement of faith and membership covenant.

The qualified candidate also will fulfill the following educational, professional and personal requirements:

● Experience with management-level (not merely supervisory) responsibility in either a business or ministry context.
● A gifted administrator, able to function in ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ administrative roles with strong organizational skills.
● Effective in written and verbal communication; willing and able to speak well before groups of people.
● Able to think critically, imaginatively and strategically; able to contribute thought to long-range visioning and planning.
● Entrepreneurial, willing to work diligently and faithfully, often in a low-visibility role.

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9 thoughts on “Director of Operations Position at URC”

  1. Jon Mathys says:

    “general agreement with the system of doctrine.” Does the RCA allow exceptions in subscription to the 3 Forms?

  2. Kevin DeYoung says:

    The RCA is, in most parts of the country, far too lose with its subscription requirements. They allow more exceptions than they should. So yes, they do allow exceptions. We want our church leaders to share a robust doctrinal unity, but the confessions are not inerrant so we do want to hear where folks may disagree.

  3. Katie Young says:

    Is this position open to men only, since the description states the candidate should meet the qualifications for elder? Just curious- thanks.

  4. DA says:

    You forgot general agreement with the system of doctrine taught in the Belhar Confession. It is one of your denominational creeds and confessions and the candidate must be in agreement with the Belhar, too. Correct?

  5. Michael B. says:

    “Is this position open to men only, since the description states the candidate should meet the qualifications for elder?”

    I wonder if it’s open to non-married men or men who have divorced and remarried. One of those qualifications is “the husband of one wife”.

  6. Michial says:

    Im excited for this opportunity. I pray the Lord brings you the right candidate.

  7. Benj Petroelje says:


    As someone interested in ordination in your sister denomination (CRC) I am genuinely curious, with “DA” above, why you do not include the Belhar as one of the “systems of doctrine” that this person must confess? If received by your own denomination, why distinguish?

  8. Kevin DeYoung says:

    In keeping with our theology of biblical eldership, we are looking to hire a man to fill this position. As to the question about the Belhar, it is true that it is now one of the confessional standards in the RCA. But the RCA does not stipulate that church members, elders, deacons, or church staff must subscribe to ANY of the standards. Only ministers must subscribe, and those like me who have been ordained and installed using the old formulary have not sworn to uphold the Belhar Confession. All that to say, the requirement to subscribe to the Three Forms is something our church is requiring, not something dictated by the denomination.

  9. Benj Petroelje says:

    Thanks for the clarification and answer Kevin. I didn’t realize that elders, deacons, staff weren’t required to subscribe. The question still remains as to why your church is choosing to distinguish between confessions that the RCA has placed on equal “confessional footing,” and whether it is appropriate for an individual church within a denomination to do so, but those are larger questions.

    Thanks again for the clarification. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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