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Tis the season for denominations to get together and hash out there business. Important work, even if unbearable at times. This year I’ll be a delegate at the Reformed Church in America’s General Synod, June 21-26 at Trinity College in Palos Heights, Illinois. This is an assignment that comes up every five or six years and not one I look forward to. I appreciate your prayers.

There are a number of important issues at this year’s Synod, including:

1. Considering alternative funding models.

2. Moving to a biennial Synod.

3. Several recommendations related to the promotion of social justice.

4. Recommendations and overtures to the remove the “conscience clauses” which were instituted over 30 years ago to maintain peace and diversity on the issue of women’s ordination.

5. Several overtures calling for a renewed commitment to biblical marriage and making clear that those who perform or promote gay marriages open themselves up to church discipline.

As you are able, pray for the various denominations assembling this summer. For those following the RCA, especially the issue of homosexuality, I’ve included many pertinent links from my blog below:

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2 thoughts on “RCA Synod Round Up”

  1. I am a bit confused. Could you clarify for me what the conscience clause discussion is all about? Is it about affirming women in ministry or revoking women in ministry? What is the RCA’s current position and what are some seeking to overturn? What is your position?

  2. Jeff Kerr says:

    From my understanding, the conscience clauses allowed individual churches to decide whether they would have woman elders and pastors. Those churches could coexist in the same classes with variance in practice and belief without issue. Revoking the clause would mean that classes could enforce the practice of woman eldership.

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