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The annual RCA Integrity Leadership Conference this year is fast approaching.

We want to invite you to this time of fellowship, learning and growth with like-minded brothers and sisters. This year, we will be meeting June 17-18 at Peace Church, just south of Grand Rapids, MI. Visit our website to learn more and register.

The conference is small and geared for RCA pastors, leaders, and members, but like minded friends from other denominations are also welcome.

Theme: The Bible and Pastoral Ministry
Location: Peace Reformed Church, Middleville, MI
Dates: June 17-18, 2013
Price: $50 individual


Dr. Thomas joined the staff of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC, in 2011, coming from Jackson, MS, where he was Chairman of the Theology Department at Reformed Theological Seminary and Minister of Teaching at First Presbyterian Church. A Welshman, he is a graduate of the University of Wales (Bc.S), Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div), and University of Wales/Lampeter (Ph.D.) and was ordained in the Evangelical Church of Ireland, where he served Stranmillis Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Belfast for 17 years before moving to Mississippi. He remains the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at RTS and is a well published author.

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2 thoughts on “RCA Integrity Annual Conference”

  1. matt says:


    While I can certainly see the appeal of Integrity’s black & white vision of the world (e.g. its belief that transexuality is always wrong) forcing a binary view on a situation that by its very nature blurs the binary boundaries doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and runs very counter to my understanding of transexuality.

    What about a case where a person was born with BOTH a penis and a vagina? My guess is that the Integrity folks would give that person a lot of latitude in how they chose to live their life; whether that meant living as a man, woman, or intersexed person, and whether that included surgery and hormone treatment or not.

    Now you’d probably argue that true hermaphroditism is exceeding rare and doesn’t apply to the vast majority of transsexual people who are physically either male OR female and whose feelings to the contrary are “just in their heads.”

    That view seems to discount the fact that the brain is a really important PHYSICAL organ. It seems to me that occasionally something happens in utero so that the child’s brain is one gender and the child’s genitalia are a different gender. So then the question becomes, if a person has a male brain and female genitalia how should they live? Integrity’s view seems to discount the importance and physicality of the brain and say that in these cases the person’s gender should be defined by the organs that are between their legs, giving no credence to the organ that’s between their ears.

    Is placing greater importance on genitalia over the human brain a Christian value? I would have thought the opposite.

    If you were kidnapped and woke up tomorrow with a vagina where your penis is does that make you a woman? I’d argue that if you have a male brain you’re still male no matter what’s between your legs. Why doesn’t the same apply to trans folks?

  2. matt says:


    Do you honestly consider Dade (the guy in the linked website) to be a woman just because he was born with a vagina?

    Do you honestly think that God would be happier if he acted like a girl?

    Would you honestly bar him from leadership roles in your church unless he abandoned his wife and their child and started living life as a woman?

    Your view seems incredibly cold, legalistic, and out of touch to me.

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