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I serve a gracious and supportive church. Each summer I get 4-5 weeks of study leave, with some vacation sprinkled in for good measure. It all begins right now. So as you are reading this we are probably packed into our Expedition driving out to Colorado to spend most of July with my wife’s family. Once we get there, here’s some of what I’ll be doing.

Speaking – I had the great honor yesterday of speaking at Crossway’s 75th anniversary banquet in St. Louis. This Thursday I will be flying out to California to speak at the Worship God conference. My two older boys will be flying with me—to attend the conference, and, not nearly as important I’m sure, to go to Legoland on Friday. After returning from California I turn around the next day to fly with my father-in-law to New Orleans where I’ll be speaking at the EFCA convention. My real break doesn’t start until I get back on July 2.

Reading – I have two boxes of books with me to keep me busy. I’ll be reading some Witherspoon related materials for my Ph.D., and for fun I have books with me on the Civil War, Abraham Kuyper, Darwinism, ethics, church polity, and maybe I’ll jump into Harry Potter if I get bored (haven’t read it before).

Writing – I have a handful of small writing projects to finish up, but the big project is to turn a series of sermons I did last spring into a book on the doctrine of Scripture. I’m really excited to be working on this project. I hope the end product will be a 225-250 page volume that is accessible, very lightly footnoted, winsome, free from jargon, and manifestly rooted in Scripture itself.

Blogging – I’ll be taking a break for the next week and having Jason Helopoulos fill in. Later in July I have Jackie Knapp, our former associate campus ministry director, taking a week for me. I’ll keep blogging the rest of the time, but hopefully less than usual.

Playing – I always enjoy spending time with my family and seeing my in-laws out in Colorado. I’m sure we will venture to the pool often and Chick-fil-A as much as possible. I enjoy running in the Springs too, and this year a couple friends are meeting me out there to climb a fourteener. Not my usual cup of tea, but better than camping.

That’s a little bit of my summer. I hope you all have a great next month. We plan to.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Study Leave 2013”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    That sounds great! We’ll be praying for you through the busyness of the next week or so and then for a wonderful time with family, books, exercise and the pen over the next month.

    Thankful for your ministry and praying God’s richest blessing on your study leave and vacation.



  2. brian says:

    I look forward to the book on scripture. I read some of your Scripture sermons and appreciated them. Having them in the book will be great.

  3. Jason Nicholls says:

    I really look forward to your book on the doctrine of Scripture. I had a chance to sit under your message at Begg’s conference on the clarity of Scripture. If it includes some of that as a chapter, then it will be worth the price of the book (both for you in the cost of writing it, and for me to buy!). I could see some of our Care Groups walking through a book like you’re envisioning.
    On another note, be careful in the mountains. Just lost a friend and father of 3 in a tragic accident.

  4. Ross Bebee says:

    Hopefully, you won’t have to room with your father-in-law. ;)

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