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I received several copies of the book, so I know they now exist. Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short about a (Really) Big Problem is due out in the next week.

Crossway has put together a nice website for the book: The site will give you a number of helpful links, including:

Speaking of videos, you won’t want to miss this sparkling conversation between me and Justin Taylor. Trust me, it’s JT at his finest. As the kids say: Best. Interview. Ever.

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10 thoughts on “Coming Very Soon: Crazy Busy”

  1. Am I the only one getting a “forbidden: you don’t have access to the [sampler/study guide] file” message when I click on either?

  2. Jeremiah Ketchum says:

    That. Was. Hilarious.

  3. Ron N. says:

    Tim & Eric humor seeping into my one of my favorite Christian authors? I think the hole in my holiness is bigger than I thought. Well done gentlemen. Your kids are right. JT nailed it.

  4. Daniel says:

    “I’m trying to follow…”

    Love how you both kept a straight face as the conversation became more and more desperately awkward. Great video!

  5. Todd says:


  6. Greg says:

    Funny and convicting at the same time! And an effective teaser for more on this topic.

  7. Norm says:

    And I thought you had skipped the Monday Morning Humor. Heh…

  8. Mark Criss says:

    I’m going to use the word “fritters” sometime this week…I’m determined.

  9. mariep says:

    Mark Criss, bad man- now I am craving apple fritters and may have to stop by the bakery on my way to work in the morning! LOL…

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