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John Witherspoon commenting on Revelation 6:14-17 and the terror that will come upon sinners when they stand before the wrath of the Lamb:

Mark this extraordinary expression, the wrath of the Lamb, that meekest and gentlest of all creatures; teaching us, that his former meekness and patience and suffering shall inflame and exasperate his future vengeance.

Could I conduct you to the gates of the infernal prison, I am persuaded you will hear Judas Iscariot, and all the other treacherous disciples, crying out, “O that Christ had never come in the flesh! The thunders of Sinai would have been less terrible. The frowns of Jesus of Nazareth are insupportable. O the dreadful, painful, and uncommon wrath of a Saviour on the judgment seat!”

The Lord speaks consolation to his own people, and pierce the hearts of his enemies, that they may be brought to repentance. (Sermon 6, The Love of Christ in Redemption)

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4 thoughts on “The Wrath of the Lamb”

  1. Esther says:

    I don’t believe the residents of hell will ever repent. They will continue to curse God and blame Him for their predicament into infinity.

  2. Julia Anderson says:

    Thank you!

    Discussing with a “believer” about when life begins. He brings up Exod. 21:22 Why do they hate little persons and His truth so?

    Lord, send your Spirit. Forgive our nation and those who use (mis-use)Your precious Name.

  3. Carlos says:

    I am not Christian, so I have a question for the author and his readers: how do you reconcile a “pro-life” stance and a “love thy neighbor” philosophy with all the atrocities of the bible where infants and small children are killed under god’s command? If you can, please read these passages

    Exodus 12:12
    Hosea 13:16
    Kings 15:16
    Samuel 15:3
    Revelation 21:8
    Luke 12:42
    John 3:36

    What did these little children do to deserve either being slaughtered in the worst case (the case of the dreadful Old Testament), or being sent to an eternity of conscious suffering and torture burning in hell in the watered-down version of the New Testament?

    According to this worldview, millions of children today, who cannot even fathom the reasons for their demise, and happened to be born in countries or cultures where Christianity is not predominant (let’s call it “geographic mishap”), are to be tortured for eternity.

    I have three objections:

    1. How are these kids God’s “enemies”? What did they do to deserve such a severe punishment?

    2. How can you reconcile a worldview that justifies murder and genocide (as described in the passages above) or eternal torture as a way of teaching the flock between good and evil? This is not only immoral, but also ineffective, in my opinion. One reason, I think, why so many people are turning away from religion in general.

    3. Many Christians professing a “pro-life” stance argue for the banning of abortion under any circumstances, even incest and rape. The argument is usually “what did the innocent child do to deserve being killed”. Well for starters, God does the same with innocent children, due to the “sins” of their parents. Massively, swiftly, whole towns and civilizations in one shot. Isn’t the “pro-life” stance on abortion due to incest and rape contradictory, then?

    Christianity gives mankind an ultimatum based on a foundation of fear. This is a worldview I find impossible to reconcile with any type of moral code.

    Thanks for reading

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