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It was a good Sunday to be with the saints at URC. I love our church family, and it’s always a privilege to preach the word morning and evening. In between the services…that was a different story. The Bears lost. My fantasy team lost. And I was awoken from my Sunday afternoon nap by something crawling under my shirt, which turned out to be a bee. And boy did he sting–with duration and a good deal of attitude. Still hurts like the dickens.

Speaking of bees, I thought of this old bit from Brian Regan. I could live without the animation, but still very funny.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor”

  1. Saint Thomas Schneider says:

    Yes, good humor from Brian, whom we watch when we can. But much more interesting is how those spider webs are put together and how those bees live with such amazing qualities of form and function as our Creator infused into them that wisdom the Scriptures so admonish us to see in them, to ask for for our understanding, and to get for right living as the Kingdom comes.

  2. Ken Abbott says:

    Just to be pedantic: If it was truly a honeybee that stung you, Kevin, “he” was almost certainly a she.

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