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I have used these reflection questions in the past. As we begin a new year, I find them still remarkably relevant. Even though the questions are particular to a husband, father, and pastor, you may be able to put them to good use as well.

1. Am I spending time slowly reading God’s word and memorizing Scripture?

2. Am I having consistent, focused, extended times of prayer, including interceding for others?

3. Am I disciplined in my use of technology, in particular not getting distracted by emails and blogging in the evening and on my day off?

4. Am I going to bed on time?

5. Am I eating too much?

6. Have I exercised in the last week?

7. Am I patient with my kids or am I angry with them when they disobey or behave in childish ways?

8. When at home, am I “fully present” for my wife and family or are my mind and energy elsewhere?

9. Am I making sermon preparation a priority in my week or am I doing other less important things first?

10. Have I done anything out of the ordinary to cherish and help my wife?

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16 thoughts on “Ten Questions for the New Year”

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks Kevin. I needed to read these. I’m not a pastor or a father, but these questions are so important for reflection on what I’m doing. I waste a lot of time. There are great things to be done and I am too busy with minutiae. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Jerry Ricks says:

    Have I heaped enough rules on myself ?

  3. Curt Day says:

    The first two are good but I would suggest another question lest we become religious nerds whose witnessing for Christ is to appeal to others to become religious nerds too–parallel to the nerds on the Big Bang Theory. Am I engaged in the world in order to both understand what people are going through and effectively help others, especially those in need? All of the above questions are important. But if we are going to effectively witness for Christ, we can’t be content with a small world after all.

  4. Hamilton says:

    Great one, Curt!

  5. anaquaduck says:

    Regarding Curt’s input… that may fit into question nine regarding Gods call on your life as to whether your a teacher, evangelist, mercy giver etc.

    we are called to witness in our homes also & if we cant take care of ourselves how can we be expected to take care of others…

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