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Crossway has done a great job putting together a number of resources related to the new book on homosexuality.

Here is a general page giving basic information, including endorsements and other links.

Crossway has also put out a free 36-page sampler which includes the Table of Contents, the Introduction, and Chapter One. A free study guide is also available for download.

Recently, I gave an hour long message covering a few of the themes in the book. Following the message I sat on a panel with Justin Taylor, Jackie Hill-Perry, and Josh Moody to continue the conversation. Both of these videos are embedded below.


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13 thoughts on “What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?”

  1. Curt Day says:

    I believe that the driving force for believing that homosexuality is compatible with Christianity is not found in arguments. So though while Kevin, in his talk, makes some excellent distinctions regard tailoring a talk to one audience and his impressive list of arguments showing how homosexuality is not Biblical, a crucial issue in this subject is not mentioned in his lecture; it is mentioned, however, in his comments in the panel discussion. That has to do with what he fears is the threatening and unwarranted increase in gov’t power if gov’t can redefine marriage. Such supposes that some other party can dictate how gov’t should define marriage in the first place.

    But more importantly, the driving force for many Christians questioning the Biblical definition of marriage revolves around whether we will regard and treat those in the LGBT community as equals in society. Here, the silence of the NT isn’t due to the assumption of a practice or belief. Rather, the silence is due to both Paul’s and Jesus’ views of the relationship between society and the Church. Mandating that one must associate the Biblical view of sex with political views that deny equality for those in the LGBT community is pushing Christians who are postmodern to also reject the Biblical view of sex.

    In addition, I agree with Kevin when he says that silence on homosexuality because one is focusing on other sins is wrong. But the converse is also true. Silence on those other sins because one is so fixated on sexual sins is also wrong. Those other sins include the societal sins of economic exploitation, environmental exploitation, and war. Note that racism was not listed here because it is not a sin about which Conservative Christians are silent.

  2. Meredith says:

    Dr. James Brownson in his book Bible, Gender and Sexuality cites statistics that ten percent of men leave homosexuality and that thirty percent of women leave homosexuality. Apparently it is more a woman’s prerogative to change one’s mind, and more important it is highly probable that one’s sexuality is not “hardwired” as is one’s gender. I believe marriage is of gender in equal proportion, one man and one woman becoming one flesh. And who in turn are able to produce “one flesh”, children. Any other sexual union is from one’s sinful desires and from the one who “masquerades as an angel of light.”

    Looking forward to reading Kevin’s timely latest. The church needs this book, and “everyman” Christian should also read the book by Glenn T Stanton “Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor”.

  3. Amy Kern says:

    I loved hearing from Jacquie in the panel discussion!!!!! I loved the way she described her new identity in Christ and I find it soooooo helpful to hear from people who have come to Christ out of a homosexual lifestyle in terms of how we can minister to others like them. Thank you Jacquie for being yourself and helping us understand better how we can be helpful and not hurtful.

  4. Ben Finger says:

    Not sure what is the best way to contact you, but here is a shot in the dark.

    Kevin, in a few weeks I’ll be leading a book discussion for a group of individuals who are samesex attracted/gay or whatever term you would like to use for us. We are all committed to faithfully living for Jesus and hold a traditional Christian sexual ethic. But there is a question I am getting from some folks in regards to your choice of words. We all so far seem to like the text, but two pairing of worlds we were hoping you could elaborate on if you don’t mind: homosexual activity and homosexual behavior.

    I personally get what you mean by homosexual behavior, but are curious as why not phrase it differently. To be flat honest when I first read it my thoughts were how exactly am I to have any other type of behavioral if I am a homosexual? Is it even possible to have some other type of behavior separate from who I am ? Unless God does a miracle, I don’t foresee myself having an orientation change anytime soon. But yeah, I get your usage of homosexual behavior as being actions that are contrary to Scripture. So why did you opt to use this phrase fifty-seven times in this text?

    The same is pretty much for the other phrase you used seventeen times, homosexual activity. I get what you are saying here but am curious why did you not choose to phrase it differently.

    So if you would, please elaborate on your choice words. It would be greatly appreciative. They kind of leave us who have samesex attractions view us holistically in a negative. I don’t think that was your intention of the book. Actually I personally think you did an excellent job. Besides these two choices of wording, I would feel very comfortable recommending your book to any Christian or non-Christian.

    Anyhow hopefully I’ll hear back from you! If you would like feel free to hit me up in an email if you prefer. Thank you for writing this book.

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