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Kevin DeYoung is senior pastor of University Reformed Church (PCA) in East Lansing, Michigan, near Michigan State University. He and his wife Trisha have six young children. You can follow him on Twitter.

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A Missing Ingredient in Good Preaching

Without a genuine joy–at least more often than not–in the proclamation of God’s word, it will hard to be a very good preacher over the long haul.

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Monday Morning Humor

A little inspiration for my son as he runs the hurdles at his middle school track meet today.

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What I Have Learned About Pastoral Care By Going to the Doctor

Here are six simple lessons I’ve been reminded of in the past year.

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What Does It Mean for an Overseer to Be “Above Reproach” and “Well Thought of By Outsiders”?

The closer you look, the better the mature Christian appears.

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Monday Morning Humor

What did Tom Cruise ever do to you?

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9 Marks of Healthy Biblical Complementarianism

We must be careful that our complementarianism is deep, thoughtful, rooted, biblical, and utterly at home with being despised, misunderstood, and counter-cultural.

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Theological Primer: The Holy Spirit

Whenever we are drawn to Christ as Savior, led to worship Christ as Lord, made to behold Christ as glorious, we are being operated on by the Holy Spirit.

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Monday Morning Humor

One of the best trick shots you’ll ever see.

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Good Conferences are Great, The Church Is Essential

Conferences are good in so far as they can strengthen what is essential.

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Monday Morning Humor

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