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Update — several ways the flooding provides clarity:

1. God loves us freely, owes us nothing, cares for us generously day after day, sends floods and then sunshine, all without explaining himself. This reality helps us see ourselves — whether we trust God or suspect God.

2. His creation, even so flimsy a thing as water, has powers greater than we can resist. This experience deconstructs our complacent sense of control.

3. God has given us one another for help and comfort in distress. Shared trouble breaks down walls of aloofness and prejudice. So this is what human society is meant to be.

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2 thoughts on “Nashville today”

  1. Ruth McFarland says:

    PTL that He is in control….and that He let us drive West to have all that behind us. It is comforting the reminders you put in print, things which I know, but good to have reminded me. I have endured floods in many places but this is the first I have been assured that truly God is in control. Thanks, Bud.

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